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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ransom find in the cavern he enters?
(a) Bones of animals
(b) Walls covered in gold
(c) A sorn
(d) A bear like creature, fast asleep

2. How does Ransom feel as Oyarsa approaches?
(a) Happy and energetic
(b) Dizzy and unstable
(c) His fingers begin to tingle and he feels weak
(d) Calm and peaceful

3. When Ransom explores parts of the space ship, what does he find?
(a) Many animals and insects from earth
(b) Boxes full of dirt
(c) Several other human hostages
(d) Many empty rooms

4. What does Ransom hear when he gets into the backyard of the Rise?
(a) He becomes aware of a scuffling sound and sharp voices
(b) A mule braying
(c) Two men singing a walking song
(d) The barking of dogs

5. How does most things on the planet appear to Ransom?
(a) Everything Ransom can see has a strange, elongated form
(b) The whole landscape appears fat and bloated
(c) Everything he sees is some shade of gray
(d) Everything appears hazy and out of focused

Short Answer Questions

1. The name of the place where the simple-minded boy is being held and which Ransom finds to be an uninviting place:

2. The effect of weightlessness is countered by:

3. Besides the three races Ransom has heard about, another race, now extinct, lived on Malacandra. What was it?

4. While drugged, Ransom has a dream in which he meets:

5. What does Augray say about Oyarsa?

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