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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the ship lands what does Ransom think about space?
(a) Space is alive and vibrant
(b) That it is lonely in space
(c) It is good to get out of space
(d) That space is dead and lifeless

2. What happens to the temperature of the ship as they enter the gravity of Malacandra?
(a) The temperature drops
(b) It becomes hotter
(c) The temperature stays the same
(d) The temperature changes intemittently from hot to cold

3. What does Ransom think might be happening?
(a) That he is home asleep and dreaming all of this
(b) That somehow the space travel has actually split his body and there are two Ransoms wandering the woods
(c) That he has become a multiple personality
(d) That he is insane and actually in a hospital on earth and the entire trip has been in his head

4. At the location in question #3, Ransom meets a former schoolmate whose name is:
(a) David
(b) Chris
(c) Devine
(d) Henry

5. When Ransom comes to from being drugged, he tries to escape but is unable because:
(a) he can't find his shoes
(b) there is no door in the room he is in
(c) he is knocked out from behind
(d) he is chained to the wall

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ransom do first after he arrives at the village?

2. What is all over the ground on the planet?

3. When the ship enters Malacandra's orbit how does Ransom feel upon wakening?

4. What are the waves on the water like?

5. When Ransom approaches a small cottage looking for a possible place to spend the night, who does he meet?

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