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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the shifting gravity do to the ship?
(a) Makes the men much heavier
(b) Turns walls into floors and floor into ceilings
(c) Makes the ship seem smaller
(d) Makes Ransom feel like his bones are breaking

2. Ransom wakes in a strange room that can be described how?
(a) One of the walls is warm
(b) The table and chairs are built for giants
(c) The walls are covered in fur
(d) There is a smell of roses

3. How does Ransom escape from the water?
(a) the sorns throw rocks at Weston and Devine and Ransom runs away
(b) the black creature manages to grab both Weston and Devine
(c) the black creature pulls Devine under and Weston is distracted shooting at the animal
(d) Devine can't swim and Weston takes his gun off Ransom while rescuing Devine

4. When the ship lands what does Ransom think about space?
(a) Space is alive and vibrant
(b) That it is lonely in space
(c) That space is dead and lifeless
(d) It is good to get out of space

5. Why is she concerned about Harry?
(a) Harry has run away from home
(b) Harry is on the roof and can't get down
(c) He is late returning home from working at The Rise
(d) Harry has fallen from a tree

Short Answer Questions

1. As Ransom loses consciousness what does he sense?

2. What does Ransom hear as he runs through the forest?

3. As they land, what does Random come to believe about planets?

4. Ransom's dream mentioned in question #16 foreshadows:

5. When the center of gravity shifts during approach to Malacandra what to the men do?

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