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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Ransom strips off his clothes because:
(a) he wants a uniform to show his authority
(b) he is going to take a shower
(c) there is a bug crawling down his shirt
(d) the heat is intense

2. While drugged, Ransom has a dream in which he meets:
(a) a black unicorn
(b) some strange creatures
(c) a dog and cat
(d) his mother and father

3. The name of the place where the simple-minded boy is being held and which Ransom finds to be an uninviting place:
(a) The Eyrie
(b) Barren Heights
(c) The Rise
(d) Jackson Hallows

4. When Ransom approaches a small cottage looking for a possible place to spend the night, who does he meet?
(a) Harry's brother
(b) A farmer
(c) A colleague from his university
(d) Harry's mother

5. What does Ransom hear when he gets into the backyard of the Rise?
(a) He becomes aware of a scuffling sound and sharp voices
(b) The barking of dogs
(c) Two men singing a walking song
(d) A mule braying

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ransom asks why he is kidnapped, Weston tells him that:

2. Weston replies to Ransom's questions by telling him not to talk too much in order to:

3. Why is she concerned about Harry?

4. Weston believes that Ransom is incapable of what?

5. What do the creatures do?

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