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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an hnakra and its relationship to the hross?
(a) The animal the hross uses to herd their domestic animals
(b) The sea creature who attacked Weston and Devine, the hross hunt hnakra
(c) A type of land animal similar to a leopard
(d) An hnakra is another intelligent creature who act as teachers and nursemaids to the hross' children

2. When Weston talks of humanity, what does the Oyarsa do?
(a) Tells Weston that he is not human for killing the hross
(b) Scorns humans as being animals
(c) Tells Weston that his ideas are insane
(d) Challenges Weston's notion of what humanity really means

3. When Ransom looks around after landing he notices the ship is sitting on:
(a) the top of a mountain
(b) a penisula or island surrounded by blue water
(c) in a meadow of wild flowers
(d) in the middle of a busy city

4. What does Ransom think might be happening?
(a) That somehow the space travel has actually split his body and there are two Ransoms wandering the woods
(b) That he has become a multiple personality
(c) That he is home asleep and dreaming all of this
(d) That he is insane and actually in a hospital on earth and the entire trip has been in his head

5. What does Devine actually go into the kitchen to do?
(a) drug Ransom's drink
(b) wash the dishes
(c) see if there's anything in the fridge for dinner
(d) turn on the coffe pot

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an eldil?

2. When the ship lands what does Ransom think about space?

3. How does Augray take Ransom to see Oyarsa ?

4. What does Hyoi tell Ransom about war between the three races of Malacandra?

5. Why is the hnakra beloved by the hross?

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