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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the three men doing in Ransom's dream?
(a) Smoking pipes together
(b) Climbing over a wall
(c) Having dinner
(d) Fighting

2. When the ship is landing what is Ransom doing?
(a) He is deeply engaged in thought
(b) Thinking about escape
(c) Wondering where they are
(d) Trying to find something heavy to hit Weston over the head with

3. How does Ransom feel when Weston and Devine open the manhole?
(a) Excited to be on a far away planet
(b) Homesick for earth
(c) Frightened at the thought of leaving the ship
(d) Impatient to get out and see the planet

4. Devine leaves Ransom supposedly to go into the kitchen to get what?
(a) cheese and crackers
(b) Soda water
(c) ham sandwiches
(d) chicken noodle soup

5. What does Ransom notice about the room in which he wakes?
(a) It is icy cold
(b) It is painted blue with white stripes
(c) It is so small he can't stand up all the way
(d) The room is oddly shaped and seems to continuously change proportions

Short Answer Questions

1. When the ship enters Malacandra's orbit how does Ransom feel upon wakening?

2. As they land, what does Random come to believe about planets?

3. Where does Ransom run as he's getting away?

4. The humming noise Ransom hears makes him believe he is:

5. What do the creatures do?

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