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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an hnakra and its relationship to the hross?
(a) An hnakra is another intelligent creature who act as teachers and nursemaids to the hross' children
(b) The animal the hross uses to herd their domestic animals
(c) The sea creature who attacked Weston and Devine, the hross hunt hnakra
(d) A type of land animal similar to a leopard

2. What does Ransom what to prove to the hross during the hnakra hunt?
(a) That humans can be honorable creatures too
(b) That he is unafraid and used to adventure
(c) That he can hunt as well as them
(d) That they can count on him to do his part in the hunt

3. When the ship enters Malacandra's orbit how does Ransom feel upon wakening?
(a) As if life has completely changed for him
(b) That his death is imminent
(c) His fear becomes almost invigorating to him
(d) Disoriented and groggy

4. Rather than it being the moon that Ransom is seeing, Weston tells him that the large orb is:
(a) a large light bulb
(b) the earth
(c) the sun
(d) Jupiter

5. What does Ransom do with his watch?
(a) He takes it off and puts it in his pocket
(b) Nothing, he doesn't have a watch
(c) He winds it because it has stopped
(d) He sets the correct time

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the center of gravity on the ship as they near the planet?

2. How does Ransom feel after he helps kill the hnakra?

3. When the center of gravity shifts during approach to Malacandra what to the men do?

4. Because the moon looks so strange to Ransom, what does he think?

5. When the ship is landing what is Ransom doing?

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