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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ransom notice about the room in which he wakes?
(a) It is painted blue with white stripes
(b) It is so small he can't stand up all the way
(c) The room is oddly shaped and seems to continuously change proportions
(d) It is icy cold

2. What is an eldil?
(a) A group of hross who live together, like a tribe
(b) A child of the hross born with psychic abilities
(c) A spirit like messenger of Oyarsa
(d) A plant which is the main diet stable of the hross

3. When Weston walks into Ransom's room, Weston is:
(a) mean
(b) crying
(c) apologetic
(d) nude

4. Because of the point of view of the story, the reader knows:
(a) that Weston thinks Ransom is highly intelligent
(b) that Ransom is on his way to Malacandra
(c) only what Ransom knows
(d) that Ransom is about to be sacrificed to the sun god

5. When the center of gravity shifts during approach to Malacandra what to the men do?
(a) Start tumbling uncontrollably
(b) Begin moving objects around to account for a new floor
(c) Grab onto a handhold and stay in one place
(d) Begin to climb the wall

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the walls made of?

2. What does Ransom what to prove to the hross during the hnakra hunt?

3. When an eldil comes to Hyoi's boat what does he tell the hross?

4. What happens to Hyoi as they rest in the boat next to the hnakra's body?

5. How does Ransom feel after he helps kill the hnakra?

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