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Malacandra - This is the name of the planet Mars in the book.

Meldilorn - The island home of Oyarsa, the invisible ruler of Malacandra. Creatures of all types live here, serving Oyarsa. There are stone carvings depicting the history of the planet.

Maleldil the Young - In the lore of Malacandra, the creator and ruler of the world. This being lives with another great entity called The Old One.

Thulcandra - The name the inhabitants give to Earth. It means "silent planet."

Handramit - These are the deep canyons which criss-cross the surface of Malacandra. The creatures called hross live in these canyons.

Harandra - The higher elevations of Malacandra are called this. The sorns live here.

Hnau - This is the Malacandrian word for an intelligent creature. The hross, sorns and pfifltriggi are the three types of these living on Malacandra.

Weston's Spaceship - A...

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