Out of the Silent Planet Character Descriptions

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Dr. Elwin Ransom

The primary character in the novel, this character is a tall man in his late-30s. He is a college professor at Cambridge University, one of the most prestigious schools in England. He is a professor of philology, the study of languages, and he becomes very curious about the language of the inhabitants of Malacandra, managing to learn to speak it fairly well. It is mentioned that this character served in the military during wartime, although not many details are given.


This character is a brilliant physicist who has developed a spaceship. This character feels humans are superior to the races of creatures on Malacandra, and feels himself to be superior among humans. This motivates him to see Malacandra as an opportunity to advance humanity by subjugating and exploiting the planet. He is not above using questionable tactics to achieve his goals, including kidnapping...

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