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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Ma saving the dimes?
(a) To study music
(b) To have a dress made
(c) To buy some ribbon
(d) To buy a coffee pot

2. To what event do Billie Jo and her father go all dressed up?
(a) The Spring Fling
(b) A neighbor's wedding
(c) The President's Ball
(d) A cousin's funeral

3. What do Billie Jo and the passenger have in common?
(a) Fear of being alone
(b) Bad home lives
(c) The same birth date
(d) The need to escape the dust

4. To what city is Mad Dog going?
(a) Amarillo
(b) Dallas
(c) Lubbock
(d) Waco

5. Who does Billie Jo have a crush on?
(a) Arlen
(b) Evan
(c) Mad Dog
(d) Jerome

Short Answer Questions

1. Billie Jo tells Louise that there is nothing better than __________________.

2. What makes the people of Oklahoma begin to think that the dust plague might be over?

3. What does Billie Jo think her father is looking for when he looks at her?

4. What does the passenger take from Billie Jo when he leaves?

5. After Mad Dog's performance, Billie Jo knows that he ________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Billie Jo attempt to escape her life and the dust?

2. What does Billie Jo think about the dinosaur bones that are found in Oklahoma?

3. Who is Louise?

4. How does fire seem to be an ever-present threat in Billie Jo's life?

5. What are the circumstances around the black cloud on the way to the funeral?

6. How does Doc Rice treat both Daddy and Billie Jo?

7. Why is the lack of cranberry sauce such a poignant lack at Christmas dinner?

8. How does Billie Jo assign human characteristics to her piano?

9. Who are the unexpected tenants of the schoolhouse for a couple weeks?

10. How did Billie Jo's time away change the relationship between her and her father?

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