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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what event do Billie Jo and her father go all dressed up?
(a) The President's Ball
(b) A neighbor's wedding
(c) The Spring Fling
(d) A cousin's funeral

2. What does Billie Jo think her father is looking for when he looks at her?
(a) Her hygiene
(b) Her manners
(c) Traces of Ma
(d) Her grammar

3. What does Billie Jo do each day before and after school?
(a) Exercises
(b) Practices piano
(c) Writes in a journal
(d) Prays

4. Why can the mail train not get through?
(a) The rails are broken
(b) The engine fails
(c) It is held up
(d) The dust drifts the tracks like snow

5. What does Billie Jo tell Louise that Billie Jo has like her mother?
(a) Wiry hair
(b) Piano hands
(c) Full lips
(d) Tiny ears

6. How does Billie Jo describe her train trip?
(a) Exhilirating
(b) Interesting
(c) Lonely
(d) Boring

7. What does Billie Jo realize about Louise?
(a) She won't stay
(b) She is pregnant
(c) Daddy needs her
(d) She is very artistic

8. How does Billie Jo test the difference between snow and dust?
(a) She shovels the walk
(b) She makes a snow angel
(c) She makes a snowball
(d) She mixes it with water

9. What does Billie Jo not want people to say about her?
(a) Her clothes are torn
(b) She plays like a cripple
(c) She has bad manners
(d) She is stupid

10. What is the content of the letter from Aunt Ellis?
(a) She sends details about her will
(b) She informs Daddy of a relative's death
(c) She invites Billie Jo and Daddy to come for a visit
(d) She wants Billie Jo to come live with her

11. How did Daddy meet Louise?
(a) She worked at the phone company
(b) She worked at the grocer's
(c) She worked at the bank
(d) She was Daddy's teacher in night school

12. To what city is Mad Dog going?
(a) Amarillo
(b) Dallas
(c) Waco
(d) Lubbock

13. What makes the people of Oklahoma begin to think that the dust plague might be over?
(a) Much cooler weather
(b) A rainbow
(c) Two days of clear blue
(d) A week of rain

14. What do the ranchers collect in the spring to feed their cows?
(a) Ragweed
(b) Thistle
(c) Soybeans
(d) Dandelions

15. Who begins to leave the area in large groups?
(a) Farmers
(b) Migrant workers
(c) Retailers
(d) Road workers

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the talent contest held?

2. Who is James Kingsbury?

3. What would Billie Jo like to see when she looks in the mirror?

4. At what event is Billie Jo unable to play the piano because her hands hurt?

5. What is Billie Jo's main concern right now?

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