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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sheriff catches some men producing _________________ down by the river.
(a) Moonshine
(b) Noise
(c) Tobacco
(d) Marijuana

2. What does Billie Jo find in a box of baby clothes?
(a) Pressed flowers in a book
(b) Love letters
(c) Dimes Ma saved
(d) Old pictures

3. Why can the mail train not get through?
(a) It is held up
(b) The engine fails
(c) The dust drifts the tracks like snow
(d) The rails are broken

4. Ma used to arrange the items on the shelf _____________________.
(a) Over the stove
(b) Above the piano
(c) On the porch
(d) In the pantry

5. What realization does Billie Jo come to while on the train?
(a) She wants to go to Aunt Ellis' house
(b) She misses her father
(c) She has left her father alone
(d) She wants to move to Amarillo

6. What item is not made for this year's Christmas dinner?
(a) Glazed ham
(b) Lemon pie
(c) Cranberry sauce
(d) Roast turkey

7. What does the sheriff give to Miss Freeland for the children?
(a) Clothes
(b) Books
(c) Sugar
(d) Crayons

8. What does the passenger ask Billie Jo for?
(a) Clothes
(b) Chocolate
(c) Money
(d) Food

9. What does Billie Jo not want people to say about her?
(a) She is stupid
(b) She plays like a cripple
(c) Her clothes are torn
(d) She has bad manners

10. Who does Billie Jo call from the train station?
(a) Mad Dog
(b) Daddy
(c) Mr. Hardly
(d) Aunt Ellis

11. After Mad Dog's performance, Billie Jo knows that he ________________________.
(a) Will be changing careers
(b) Is master of his own future
(c) Will never return to this town
(d) Will be coming home soon

12. What does Billie Jo have some trepidation about looking at?
(a) The piano
(b) Her father
(c) The cemetery
(d) The new baby

13. What does Billie Jo realize about Louise?
(a) She is very artistic
(b) Daddy needs her
(c) She is pregnant
(d) She won't stay

14. What makes the people of Oklahoma begin to think that the dust plague might be over?
(a) Much cooler weather
(b) Two days of clear blue
(c) A week of rain
(d) A rainbow

15. Which of the following is not on Billie's Jo's list of things she is thankful for at Thanksgiving?
(a) Food without dust
(b) Textbooks
(c) Home
(d) Daddy's smile

Short Answer Questions

1. Billie Jo tells Louise that there is nothing better than __________________.

2. What do Billie Jo and the passenger have in common?

3. In what city does Billie Jo get off the train?

4. Where does Daddy not want Billie Jo to go?

5. What do Daddy and Billie Jo keep from the two boxes of Ma's things?

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