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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is found on the church steps?
(a) Used clothes
(b) A baby
(c) A food basket
(d) Flowers

2. What does Billie Jo take with her when she leaves in the middle of the night?
(a) Aunt Ellis' letter and some food
(b) A little money and Ma's picture
(c) A little money and food
(d) Clothes on her back

3. Which of the following is not on Billie's Jo's list of things she is thankful for at Thanksgiving?
(a) Textbooks
(b) Food without dust
(c) Home
(d) Daddy's smile

4. Why does Billie Jo tell her father to go to the doctor?
(a) Because of his depression
(b) Because of his weight loss
(c) Because of swollen joints
(d) Because of the spots on his face

5. Where does Daddy decide to go?
(a) Night school
(b) Church
(c) California
(d) Oregon

6. Which of the following does the piano not represent for Billie Jo?
(a) Acceptance
(b) Success
(c) Ma
(d) Comfort

7. What does Louise arrange in a bowl?
(a) Peaches
(b) Apples
(c) Candles
(d) Flowers

8. What do the ranchers collect in the spring to feed their cows?
(a) Dandelions
(b) Ragweed
(c) Soybeans
(d) Thistle

9. Who is James Kingsbury?
(a) Secretary of State
(b) A Congressman
(c) A Canadian photographer
(d) The new Methodist minister

10. Where will Billie Jo not allow Louise to go?
(a) Aunt Ellis' house
(b) The graves of Ma and Franklin
(c) Her dance recital
(d) Her classroom

11. Who does Billie Jo call from the train station?
(a) Mad Dog
(b) Daddy
(c) Mr. Hardly
(d) Aunt Ellis

12. What does the passenger ask Billie Jo for?
(a) Clothes
(b) Food
(c) Money
(d) Chocolate

13. What is the content of the letter from Aunt Ellis?
(a) She invites Billie Jo and Daddy to come for a visit
(b) She wants Billie Jo to come live with her
(c) She sends details about her will
(d) She informs Daddy of a relative's death

14. What realization does Billie Jo come to while on the train?
(a) She misses her father
(b) She wants to go to Aunt Ellis' house
(c) She wants to move to Amarillo
(d) She has left her father alone

15. What does Billie Jo tell Louise that Billie Jo has like her mother?
(a) Wiry hair
(b) Piano hands
(c) Full lips
(d) Tiny ears

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Billie Jo like to see when she looks in the mirror?

2. How does Billie Jo view Louise's role in her life?

3. What does the government do to help the farmers?

4. What is Louise's best domestic skill?

5. Who is Haydon P. Nye?

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