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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the person in #79 not ask Billie Jo to try out for a sport?
(a) Because they're not taking girls on the team
(b) Because her hands are injured
(c) Because the school has cancelled the athletic program
(d) Because the team is full

2. In what year is Billie Jo born?
(a) 1934
(b) 1920
(c) 1919
(d) 1945

3. What does Daddy no longer tell Billie Jo?
(a) To put her hands to good use
(b) That she can be anything she wants to be
(c) That she is beautiful
(d) That he loves her

4. What does Billie Jo call playing piano on stage?
(a) A one time thing
(b) Terrifying
(c) Heaven
(d) Nerve wracking

5. Billie Jo would be a good athlete because she is ___________ and has great hands.
(a) Aggressive
(b) Tall
(c) Fast
(d) A team player

6. What is Daddy's job?
(a) Selling agricultural implements
(b) Digging holes for towers
(c) Selling men's clothes
(d) Auditing tax returns

7. To what state is Billie Jo's best friend moving?
(a) Ohio
(b) New Mexico
(c) Georgi
(d) California

8. What do the neighbors talk about after Ma's funeral?
(a) How dirty the house is
(b) How young Ma was
(c) How Ma was too good for Daddy
(d) How Billie Jo threw the bucket of kerosene

9. Why does Daddy get a different job?
(a) The crop is not going to produce anything
(b) He wants an office job
(c) He needs insurance benefits
(d) He is bored with farming

10. What does Billie Jo see sliding down her mother's skin?
(a) Blood
(b) Syrup
(c) Rain
(d) Jam

11. Who will be singing at the dance revue?
(a) Billie Jo
(b) Livie
(c) Mad Dog
(d) Arley

12. What is Billie Jo's new baby brother named?
(a) Fletcher
(b) Franklin
(c) Vaughn
(d) Frederick

13. Who does Billie Jo go on the road with to play piano?
(a) The Goodwin Gospel Group
(b) Mr. Romney
(c) The Brice Family
(d) Arley Wanderdale

14. What does President Roosevelt encourage people to plant in the dust bowl?
(a) Wildflowers
(b) Soybeans
(c) Prairie grass
(d) Trees

15. What does Billie Jo hunger for in her life?
(a) Cheesecake
(b) Beauty
(c) Truth
(d) Cheeseburgers

Short Answer Questions

1. Billie Jo cannot forgive her father for _________________________.

2. Why does Billie Jo think she should get extra credit in class?

3. How does Ma care for the trees?

4. Why is Billie Jo mad at her mother?

5. Who has a reputation for cheating customers at his store?

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