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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many trees are in Billie Jo's front yard?
(a) 6
(b) 3
(c) 9
(d) 2

2. What is in the pail that Ma grabs in the kitchen?
(a) Oil
(b) Oats
(c) Kerosene
(d) Water

3. What type of trees are in Billie Jo's front yard?
(a) Peach
(b) Pear
(c) Apple
(d) Maple

4. What totally unexpected event occurs in Autumn 1934?
(a) A meteor falls in the field
(b) Daddy sells the farm
(c) It snows
(d) Billie Jo falls in love

5. In what country are the Dionne Quintuplets born?
(a) Canada
(b) France
(c) United States
(d) England

6. What do Mr. Noble and Mr. Romney do to take care of the pests?
(a) Have a rabbit-killing contest
(b) Set traps
(c) Put out poison
(d) Call the exterminator

7. What musical instrument does Billie Jo like?
(a) Piano
(b) Guitar
(c) Flute
(d) Violin

8. The boy who stops at Billie Jo's house to work and eat is headed to __________________.
(a) Georgia
(b) Las Vegas
(c) Oregon
(d) California

9. Why does Ma make Billie Jo return to the store?
(a) She forgot the coffee
(b) She forgot to get the mail
(c) She got four cents too much in change
(d) She forgot the sugar

10. In what country did Billie Jo's father serve during the war?
(a) Korea
(b) England
(c) France
(d) Vietnam

11. What does Billie Jo see sliding down her mother's skin?
(a) Syrup
(b) Jam
(c) Rain
(d) Blood

12. Billie Jo is glad to be around Mad Dog because he _________________________ or treat her like she's handicapped.
(a) Doesn't stare at her hands
(b) Doesn't drink alcohol
(c) Doesn't swear
(d) Doesn't leer at her

13. How does Billie Jo have to set the table during the dust bowl era?
(a) With a plastic tablecloth
(b) With dish towels covering the food
(c) With plastic wrap over the dishes
(d) With the plates and glasses upside down

14. In what year is Billie Jo born?
(a) 1919
(b) 1934
(c) 1920
(d) 1945

15. How is Daddy going to get help with the farm?
(a) A new tractor
(b) A new partner
(c) A government loan
(d) Better seeds

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Billie Jo go on the road with to play piano?

2. What happens to Ma as Billie Jo is trying to save the apple trees?

3. What do the girls at the show want to know about Mad Dog?

4. Which of the following does not hurt Billie Jo's hands?

5. In what opera is Billie Jo's teacher going to sing?

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