Out of the Dust Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who is Billie Jo? What does she like? Where does she live and who is her family?

Billie Jo is born in 1920 in a cabin in Oklahoma. She has a fondness for apples and piano. Her Ma has tried to have other children, but none have lived. She is now pregnant again. When Billie Jo was born, Daddy wanted a boy. Their only family is Aunt Ellis and Great-Uncle Floyd. Billie Jo will be fourteen when the baby comes.

2. What is the issue with the rabbits and why is Billie Jo so upset about it?

Mr. Noble and Mr. Romney have a contest to kill rabbits because they're eating up the crops. Billie Jo hates it. She can't blame the rabbits for needing food. She thinks the men are stupid for getting so angry with each other over it. At least the meat goes to hungry families.

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