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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Autumn 1935,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the exhibit is over, Billie Jo is angry because ___________________________.
(a) None of her painting sold
(b) They didn't make enough money
(c) She can't see more art
(d) She is on the clean-up crew

2. Who is Louise?
(a) The new phone operator in town
(b) Billie Jo's aunt
(c) Doc Rice's nurse
(d) Daddy's lady friend

3. What is contained in the boxes that Billie Jo finds?
(a) Mementoes of Billie Jo's life
(b) Antique knives
(c) Cookie cutters
(d) Travel brochures

4. Where is the talent contest held?
(a) The church hall
(b) The school auditorium
(c) The Palace
(d) The VFW hall

5. What crop is dying and drying up?
(a) Oats
(b) Corn
(c) Soybeans
(d) Wheat

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the passenger leave Billie Jo when he goes?

2. Who has a reputation for cheating customers at his store?

3. What does Billie Jo see eating up the wheat crop?

4. Where does Aunt Ellis live?

5. What does Billie Jo think about as she sits in front of Ma's piano?

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