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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Spring 1935,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Mad Dog leaving?
(a) To go to college
(b) To sing on the radio
(c) To work for the power company
(d) To work on the railroad

2. Where is the talent contest held?
(a) The Palace
(b) The school auditorium
(c) The church hall
(d) The VFW hall

3. Why does the person in #79 not ask Billie Jo to try out for a sport?
(a) Because they're not taking girls on the team
(b) Because the team is full
(c) Because her hands are injured
(d) Because the school has cancelled the athletic program

4. What does Billie Jo like to fall from the trees into her hair?
(a) Buds
(b) Leaves
(c) Twigs
(d) Blossoms

5. Where does Daddy decide to go?
(a) Church
(b) California
(c) Oregon
(d) Night school

Short Answer Questions

1. Billie Jo is glad to be around Mad Dog because he _________________________ or treat her like she's handicapped.

2. How does Billie Jo test the difference between snow and dust?

3. What does Daddy do as a result of Ma's injuries?

4. The sheriff catches some men producing _________________ down by the river.

5. Who is Haydon P. Nye?

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