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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Spring 1935,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not one of the things Billie Jo expects to eat after the apples are ripe?
(a) Pudding
(b) Cake
(c) Sauce
(d) Candy

2. Which of the following does not hurt Billie Jo's hands?
(a) Salt
(b) Air
(c) Heat
(d) Dust

3. What does President Roosevelt encourage people to plant in the dust bowl?
(a) Prairie grass
(b) Trees
(c) Soybeans
(d) Wildflowers

4. Billie Jo chooses a set of songs that all have the word ___________ in the title.
(a) Honey
(b) Sky
(c) Love
(d) Baby

5. Billie Jo likes seeing new places and ________________________.
(a) Having fun
(b) Taking pictures
(c) Meeting new people
(d) Going sightseeing

Short Answer Questions

1. After the exhibit is over, Billie Jo is angry because ___________________________.

2. Ma thinks they should try growing some crops that do better in dry weather like cotton or ______________.

3. At what event is Billie Jo unable to play the piano because her hands hurt?

4. What do Mr. Noble and Mr. Romney do to take care of the pests?

5. Why does Billie Jo think she should get extra credit in class?

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