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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summer 1934,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Billie Jo throws the pail outside?
(a) It breaks in two
(b) It hits a neighbor kid
(c) It breaks a window
(d) It hits Ma and she is burned

2. What does Daddy say uses up more water than the wheat?
(a) Apple trees
(b) Baths
(c) Washing dishes
(d) Doing laundry

3. What does Billie Jo wish she could buy at the store?
(a) Makeup
(b) Chocolates
(c) Sheet music
(d) Headbands

4. Who does Billie Jo go on the road with to play piano?
(a) The Brice Family
(b) The Goodwin Gospel Group
(c) Mr. Romney
(d) Arley Wanderdale

5. How does dust get into the classroom?
(a) The cracks in the walls and the windows
(b) Through the mail slot
(c) The skylight
(d) Down the chimney

Short Answer Questions

1. How old will Billie Jo be when her mother has the new baby?

2. What color is the dust storm that roars through the area?

3. Billie Jo says about her father that "If he had cried, his tears would have been __________ too, but he didn't cry."

4. In what opera is Billie Jo's teacher going to sing?

5. What musical instrument does Billie Jo like?

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