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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summer 1934,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flowers would grow on the graves of the war dead?
(a) Pink peonies
(b) Red poppies
(c) White roses
(d) Blue iris

2. What does Daddy say uses up more water than the wheat?
(a) Washing dishes
(b) Apple trees
(c) Doing laundry
(d) Baths

3. Who is Arley Wanderdale?
(a) Billie Jo's music teacher
(b) A seed salesman
(c) The army recruiter
(d) The local extension agent

4. Which of the following is not one of the things Billie Jo expects to eat after the apples are ripe?
(a) Pudding
(b) Sauce
(c) Cake
(d) Candy

5. How does Ma care for the trees?
(a) Prunes them each summer
(b) Doesn't do anything to them
(c) Fertilizes them every week
(d) Waters them despite the drought

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has a reputation for cheating customers at his store?

2. What does Daddy feed Ma?

3. What do Daddy and Ma argue about?

4. What does Miss Freeland explain to Billie Jo's class?

5. What little bit of good happens at the beginning of Summer 1934?

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