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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Summer 1934,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billie Jo do as the dust storm approaches?
(a) Prays
(b) Stuffs rugs under the doors and rags around the windows
(c) Hides in her bedroom
(d) Watches from a big window

2. What does Miss Freeland explain to Billie Jo's class?
(a) The reasons for World War I
(b) The solar system
(c) The case for evolution
(d) How the drought happened

3. What does Billie Jo call playing piano on stage?
(a) Heaven
(b) A one time thing
(c) Nerve wracking
(d) Terrifying

4. What type of trees are in Billie Jo's front yard?
(a) Apple
(b) Maple
(c) Peach
(d) Pear

5. Who has been Billie Jo's best friend since first grade?
(a) Ellie
(b) Livie
(c) Olivia
(d) Lillie

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ma think will help get water to the crops?

2. What little bit of good happens at the beginning of Summer 1934?

3. What do Daddy and Ma argue about?

4. What happens when Billie Jo throws the pail outside?

5. Who does Billie Jo go on the road with to play piano?

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