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Winter 1934,

• Billie Jo is born in a cabin in Oklahoma in 1920.

• Billie Jo likes apples and playing the piano.

• Billie Jo's mother is expecting a baby and she will be 14 when the child arrives.

• Billie Jo's best friend, Livie, is moving to California to escape the dust of Oklahoma.

• Billie Jo loves performing by playing the piano at recitals and calls it heaven.
• Because of the dust that blows into the house, Billie Jo's mother makes her place the dishes upside down when setting the table.

• Daddy gets a government loan to help with the farm and is hopeful that it will rain soon.

• A bad dust storm comes and Billie Jo sticks rugs under the doors and rags around the windows to keep the dust from coming in.

Spring 1934,

• The wheat crop is drying up and dying and there will not be enough seed for next season...

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