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Whiz Kids Competition

When reading about the Whiz Kids competition, allow students to use the rules to develop their own Whiz Kids tournament in class. Choose a moderator, assign teams, and give prizes for the winners.

Photographic Memory

In the novel, Melody has a photographic memory. Conduct research and develop a presentation examining historical or contemporary figures who also have eidetic memory and discuss the causes and implications of this condition.

Intelligence Assessment

Melody undergoes an intelligence assessment prior to enrollment in school. Obtain similar tests and have students take them and discuss their results. Do you feel the tests are an adequate measure for aptitude? Why or why not?

Alternate Communication Devices

In the course of the novel, Melody obtains a "Medi-Talker," or computerized communication device. Conduct research on the development of augmentative and alternate communication devices and their improvements in the past 20 years. Develop a presentation...

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