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Chapters 1 - 6

• Chapters 1 and 2 introduce the protagonist, Melody Brooks: Melody is an 11-year-old girl who is highly intelligent but unable to communicate due to cerebral palsy; Melody cannot walk, talk, feed herself, or take herself to the bathroom, all things that bother her.

• In Chapter 3, Melody can remember often falling onto the floor as a child and having to wait for someone to move her.

• Melody believes she has a photographic memory but sometimes frustration causes her to have what she calls tornado explosions.

• Chapter 4 describes the doctors that Melody has seen in her life.

• When one of these doctors told her mother that Melody was profoundly retarded, Melody's mother became angry and enrolled her in public school.

• Chapter 5 describes Melody’s attendance at Spaulding Street Elementary School.

• The only way Melody can communicate is from words glued to a tray on her wheelchair, limiting her vocabulary to...

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