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Judy Robertson
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what position does Judy advance in the Mormon Church?

2. For what company did Jim work?

3. How does Mormonism make Judy feel?

4. What deity in the LDS church surprises Judy?

5. What actions does Jim not oversee during potato harvest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the Robertsons see while in Salt Lake City?

2. Briefly describe the Jackson family.

3. What would Jim and Judy have to do before they were allowed in the temple?

4. With what is Judy impressed during her trip to Salt Lake City?

5. How does Judy feel on the day before she is to go through temple?

6. What is Judy's first impression of the Jacksons?

7. How does her new life as a Mormon woman make Judy feel?

8. What requirements does the Mormon church put on Jim and Judy's marriage?

9. How does Judy believe Jim would have advised her to handle the woman's anger?

10. What attributes of the Jackson family draw Jim and Judy to their way of belief?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Research the requirements for a group to be considered a cult. Based on these guidelines do you believe that it was proper for Judy to refer Mormonism as a cult? Use specific examples from the book to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Consider Judy's description of the activities that take place inside the temple. What is your opinion of the rituals and

Essay Topic 3

Describe how Jim and Judy are lured into Mormonism. Use specific examples of the way the Mormons sell their religion.

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