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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the stage manager say is the ancient tradition Emily and George are embarking on when they get married?
(a) Living two by two.
(b) Announcing to the world their monogamy.
(c) Sacrificing comfort for the greater good.
(d) Forsaking ones parents.

2. What does George do after being teased on his wedding day?
(a) Runs out of the church.
(b) Punches someone.
(c) Cries.
(d) Remains calm.

3. What does George do when he enters the cemetery alone?
(a) Begs Emily to come back to him.
(b) Lays face down on Emily's grave.
(c) Speaks with his mother about how sad he is.
(d) Places flowers on Emily's grave.

4. How did Wally die?
(a) War wound.
(b) Disease.
(c) Suicide.
(d) Car accident.

5. What does George realize when he is talking to Emily after the student council elections?
(a) She is mad at him.
(b) She is blushing.
(c) She is scared of him.
(d) She is staring at him.

6. What kind of college is George going to?
(a) Journalism.
(b) Agricultural.
(c) Geological.
(d) Community.

7. Who speaks the most during the wedding?
(a) Mrs. Webb.
(b) The stage manager.
(c) Mrs. Soames.
(d) Emily.

8. What does the stage manager say everyone in town is doing at the end of the play?
(a) Sleeping.
(b) Dying.
(c) Remembering.
(d) Living.

9. Why does Emily say what she thinks about just before she gets married?
(a) She feels that things are good the way they are.
(b) She is scared.
(c) How handsome George is.
(d) Her father crying.

10. What does Emily tell George she is not sorry for as they talk after the student council elections?
(a) Telling the truth.
(b) Hurting his feelings.
(c) Spreading a rumor.
(d) Being so bold.

11. What does George say that he is celebrating with Emily?
(a) Changing the school together.
(b) The election and their friendship.
(c) Winning his last baseball game.
(d) Having a real conversation.

12. What does Mr. Webb ask George just before he marries Emily?
(a) If he can take care of Emily.
(b) If he really knows what being a husband will entail.
(c) If he truly loves Emily.
(d) If he can calm Emily down.

13. What does Emily tell George is the only thing she really wants?
(a) To be loved.
(b) To have children.
(c) To be happy.
(d) To feel safe.

14. What is the first actual character that the stage manager plays?
(a) Mr. Millet.
(b) Mr. Morgan.
(c) Mr. Mulligan.
(d) Mr. Miller.

15. What does George say he does not want to do just before he gets married?
(a) Go to school
(b) Grow old.
(c) Get married.
(d) Make his love live in poverty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the stage manager say is replacing automobiles while he chats with George and Emily?

2. Who does the stage manager introduce at the beginning of Act 3?

3. Why does George decide to not go to college after all?

4. What does the stage manager say IS eternal?

5. What does Emily beg her mother to do at the end of the play?

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