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Claire de Duras
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Short Answer Questions

1. Ourika felt she owed a great deal to which of the following?

2. Which accessory did Ourika wear at all times?

3. In what year did the Reign end?

4. It is said that at this time Ourika ____ life.

5. The family went to stay at the home of an old priest, which was located in which town?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Ourika affected by this new state of melancholy? What was Mme. de B.'s reaction to the change in Ourika?

2. Why is it said that Ourika was rescued twice from slavery? What happened to Ourika in regards to this issue?

3. Ourika decided that she must resign herself to her fate. What was the next step taken by Ourika?

4. As a result of the Revolution, Mme. de B. and Ourika were forced to leave their home and go into protective custody. Explain the situation.

5. How did Ourika perform a disservice even though she was rescued twice?

6. What was the only thing that allowed Ourika to be happy during this trying time?

7. How did Ourika feel about Charles' increased absences? What caused the delay of Charles and Anais' marriage?

8. How did Mme. de B. attempt to help Ourika? What was Ourika's solution to her troubles at this time?

9. How did Charles' happiness affect Ourika in a negative way? What was her reaction?

10. What were Ourika's thoughts about her future? How did those thoughts affect Mme. de B.? What were Ourika's thoughts about Charles when contemplating this new future?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ourika and Mme. de B. had an unusual relationship. Explain in detail the relationship between the lady and the young black girl. Describe Mme. de B.'s purpose and incentive in raising Ourika as a surrogate granddaughter.

Essay Topic 2

During the height of the success experienced by Claire de Duras, there were many people that became jealous of de Curas' "overnight success." As such, they became determined to make a profit from Claire's anonymous status. The people included in this deception were Stedhal and Latouche. Discuss this situation and the legalities involved. What laws might have prevented the men from stealing de Duras' fame and reputation? How have copyright laws changed since that time? What are the copyright laws today? How would de Duras be protected under current law?

Essay Topic 3

Ourika's mother died when the girl was very small. She was taken from Senegal by Chevalier de B., a Frenchman, and returned to France to be raised by Mme. de B. Discuss the rescue from Senegal, Ourika's situation and relationship to Chevalier de B. Discuss why the Chevalier took Ourika and his intentions. Also discuss any future involvement with the chevalier.

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