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Claire de Duras
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Short Answer Questions

1. Ourika prayed to understand why she was meant to _____.

2. Ourika often speaks about the Reign of _____.

3. How old was Charles at this time?

4. When did Mme de B. receive news about her property?

5. Ourika's condition worsened over the next ___ days.

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Mme. de B. influence Ourika's imagination and social development?

2. Charles received a suggestion from one of Mme. de B.'s friends. What was the suggestion? What was Charles' reaction?

3. What did the doctors say about Ourika's increased and prolonged melancholy? What did Charles and Mme. de B. do to help Ourika?

4. What political issues arose soon after Charles' departure? What were Ourika's thoughts on these issues?

5. What incident caused Ourika's outlook to change dramatically? What happened to her demeanor?

6. What are some or Ourika's earliest childhood memories?

7. How did Ourika's education differ from the education of Charles and his brother? What were Ourika's school experiences?

8. How was Ourika affected by this new state of melancholy? What was Mme. de B.'s reaction to the change in Ourika?

9. How did Mme. de B. attempt to help Ourika? What was Ourika's solution to her troubles at this time?

10. Describe the change in the relationship between Charles at Ourika.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During the height of the success experienced by Claire de Duras, there were many people that became jealous of de Curas' "overnight success." As such, they became determined to make a profit from Claire's anonymous status. The people included in this deception were Stedhal and Latouche. Discuss this situation and the legalities involved. What laws might have prevented the men from stealing de Duras' fame and reputation? How have copyright laws changed since that time? What are the copyright laws today? How would de Duras be protected under current law?

Essay Topic 2

The introduction discusses the non-publication of de Duras' books. "Ourika" was published in a limited private edition in 1823 with "Edouard" being published in a similar format two years later. Aside from Ourika, the first novel, and Edouard, one of de Duras' other books, there were three that were never published. Why? What do you think caused Ourika to refuse to publish the books, either publicly or privately? Do you think de Duras was intimidated by the men that were technically her equals or subordinates? Explain. Why do you think the books were never published posthumously? Do you think de Duras' books would have an audience today?

Essay Topic 3

In the introductory section of the book, it is said that Ourika is much different from most protagonists in literature. Is this true? If so, how? What makes Ourika different? Is that comment true of French literature or literature in general? What might have made Ourika's situation more common or appropriate for a typical protagonist? How might you portray Ourika in a more contemporary light?

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