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Claire de Duras
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Short Answer Questions

1. Fowles' opinion of Ourika has turned into _____.

2. What word is used to describe Ourika's identity?

3. Claire retreated to which location?

4. The doctor told Ourika that in order to save herself she would have to calm her ___.

5. Who was one of the two people that developed the term?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is one of the main reasons that Ourika's view of herself was so limited?

2. What illegal act took place as a result of the success of Claire's books?

3. What about Mr. Norman's bookstore was the most exciting to Fowles?

4. What happens after the doctor's first visit?

5. Describe the scene the doctor sees when he arrives at the convent. What has caused the state of the convent's disrepair?

6. What does Ourika claim is her problem? What does the doctor notice about Ourika's condition? What is the doctor's advice?

7. How did Fowles discover Ourika? What was his initial opinion of the book?

8. What occurred after Claire published "Ourika" and her second book, "Edouard?"

9. What type of struggle did Claire have when deciding to publish her work for the first time?

10. What happened to Ourika when she left Senegal? Who took care of her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ourika referred to Senegal as a land of savagery. Although Ourika had negative impressions of the country, why did she wish to return? Explain what happened to Ourika in Senegal. Explain what happened to Ourika's mother. What might have happened if Ourika had stayed? Also, discuss Senegal then and now.

Essay Topic 2

The introduction discusses the non-publication of de Duras' books. "Ourika" was published in a limited private edition in 1823 with "Edouard" being published in a similar format two years later. Aside from Ourika, the first novel, and Edouard, one of de Duras' other books, there were three that were never published. Why? What do you think caused Ourika to refuse to publish the books, either publicly or privately? Do you think de Duras was intimidated by the men that were technically her equals or subordinates? Explain. Why do you think the books were never published posthumously? Do you think de Duras' books would have an audience today?

Essay Topic 3

The guillotine is by far the most iconic representation of the French Revolution. Write an essay on the guillotine and alternate forms of torture commonly used at the time. Why was the guillotine so popular as a killing tool? What does it represent today? Where else was it used during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries? Who were the most famous people in history that were killed by a guillotine?

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