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Claire de Duras
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Short Answer Questions

1. The neighborhood was part of which major city?

2. Fowles' "affair" with Ourika began ____ years after visiting the book store.

3. Where was Claire's mother's homeland?

4. After leaving the homeland, the family went to which country?

5. Which city was the family's final destination?

Short Essay Questions

1. How was Fowles inspired by Ourika? What came from that inspiration?

2. What major events took place while Claire was living in England? How and when did Claire meet her husband? What was his background?

3. What does Duras' depiction of Ourika tend to continue to be important regarding race and feminism?

4. Who is Joan DeJean? What is her position at the University of Pennsylvania?

5. What does John Fowles say about the way he learned to love literature?

6. What does Ourika claim is her problem? What does the doctor notice about Ourika's condition? What is the doctor's advice?

7. What does Fowles say about Claire de Duras' work as a white novelist writing about a black woman in France?

8. What type of struggle did Claire have when deciding to publish her work for the first time?

9. What is the basic premise of Claire de Duras' "Ourika?"

10. What is one of the main reasons that Ourika's view of herself was so limited?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ourika referred to Senegal as a land of savagery. Although Ourika had negative impressions of the country, why did she wish to return? Explain what happened to Ourika in Senegal. Explain what happened to Ourika's mother. What might have happened if Ourika had stayed? Also, discuss Senegal then and now.

Essay Topic 2

The doctor talked about her visit to Faubourg Saint Jacques to visit Ourika. What were the doctor's thoughts upon arriving at the convent? What observations did the doctor make? What did the doctor think about the effects of the Revolution upon the convent? What were the doctor's initial thoughts about Ourika? Did the doctor think she could help Ourika? What was the initial purpose of the visit?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay on the Reign of Terror. Use historical references and cite sources. Explain the purpose of the conflict, how it began, important events and how it related to the French Revolution as a whole.

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