Objects & Places from Ourika: An English Translation

Claire de Duras
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Convent in Faubourg Saint Jacques - This location is where Ourika retires after her sadness nearly causes her death.

Senegal - This location is the African nation where Ourika was born.

France - This location is the main setting of this novel where Ourika lives.

Mme. de B's Drawing Room - This location is where Ourika spent her early years, listening to Mme. de B and her friends and becoming educated.

Saint-Germain - This location is the country estate to which Mme. de B, Charles, Ourika, and the old priest retired during the terror caused by the French Revolution.

French Revolution - This event is a time of great terror for Mme. de B as many of her friends are executed by the revolutionaries.

Charles' Marriage - This event occurs shortly after the French Revolution.

Ourika's Prayers - Ourika turns to this because she feels like no...

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