Objects & Places from Ourika: An English Translation

Claire de Duras
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Convent in Faubourg Saint Jacques

This location is where Ourika retires after her sadness nearly causes her death.


This location is the African nation where Ourika was born.


This location is the main setting of this novel where Ourika lives.

Mme. de B's Drawing Room

This location is where Ourika spent her early years, listening to Mme. de B and her friends and becoming educated.


This location is the country estate to which Mme. de B, Charles, Ourika, and the old priest retired during the terror caused by the French Revolution.

French Revolution

This event is a time of great terror for Mme. de B as many of her friends are executed by the revolutionaries.

Charles' Marriage

This event occurs shortly after the French Revolution.

Ourika's Prayers

Ourika turns to this because she feels like no one needs her; however, God saves her life and...

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