Ourika: An English Translation Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Claire de Duras
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Essay Topic 1

Ourika's mother died when the girl was very small. She was taken from Senegal by Chevalier de B., a Frenchman, and returned to France to be raised by Mme. de B. Discuss the rescue from Senegal, Ourika's situation and relationship to Chevalier de B. Discuss why the Chevalier took Ourika and his intentions. Also discuss any future involvement with the chevalier.

Essay Topic 2

Ourika and Mme. de B. had an unusual relationship. Explain in detail the relationship between the lady and the young black girl. Describe Mme. de B.'s purpose and incentive in raising Ourika as a surrogate granddaughter.

Essay Topic 3

Claire de Duras was an unusual woman for her time. Write a complete character description of Claire de Duras from her youth, time abroad, and accomplishments as a writer. Include Claire de Duras' inspiration and interest in Ourika. Also, explain her prolific lifestyle in...

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