Ourika: An English Translation Character Descriptions

Claire de Duras
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This is the protagonist created by Claire de Duras.

Charles de B

This character is the youngest grandson of Mme. de B.

Mme. la Marechale de

This character is an older French aristocratic lady living in Paris.


This character in the Introduction visits Ourika at the convent in Faubourg Saint Jacques.


This character is a friend of Mme. de B.

Anais de Themines

This character is a rich heiress in a distressing situation.

Parish Priest

This character is summoned to administer extreme unction to Ourika during her severe illness caused by the marquise's accusations.

Old Priest

This character is the only one of Mme. de B's friends who is left when the others flee France.

Charles' Son

This character was born to Charles and Anais.

Chevalier de B

This character was the governor of Senegal when he rescued Ourika.

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