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Short Answer Questions

1. When Wormold is in Jamaica, he is worried that:

2. When Wormold arrives at the Nacional for the luncheon, who is waiting for him in the lobby?

3. Wormold feels that if he attends the banquet and they find out who the assassin is, that he will:

4. Segura tells Wormold that Carter:

5. Wormold takes Beatrice home to stay with Milly and then goes to:

Short Essay Questions

1. What, does Wormold learn, gives him credibility in Hawthorne's eyes?

2. Why does Beatrice say she came to the Havana Club?

3. How does Wormold obtain the list of names from Captain Segura?

4. Why is Wormold worried about meeting Hawthorne in Kingston?

5. What does Beatrice advise Wormold to tell his agents?

6. How does Wormold have the checkers game in the memory of Dr. Hasselbacher?

7. Why does the British Ambassador summon Wormold?

8. What does Wormold learn about Hasselbacher from Captain Segura?

9. What does Segura have that Wormold wants?

10. What does Hasselbacher tell Wormold about his involvement?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is your opinion of the novel? Does it seem probable to you? Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

Wormold is opposed to Captain Segura from the first time he hears about him because of his friendship with Milly. Throughout most of the book, they appear as adversaries. In the overall context of the novel, was Segura helping Wormold or was he hurting him? Does your answer change when you consider that Segura knew of a the trouble that Wormold was in?

Essay Topic 3

Hawthorne apparently checked out Wormold before recruiting him, but when discussing him with his Chief, he said he was uncertain about Wormold. In what way does Hawthorne press the responsibility to his Chief? In what way does Hawthorne pass the responsibility to her Chief? Do you think he had to know his Chief rather well in order to do this?

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