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Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold writes to his sister and sends his nephew:

2. When Wormold is in Santa Cruz:

3. Why does the Chief question the reports sent by Wormold?

4. Wormold invents his sub-agents by:

5. The Englishman, whose name is Hawthorne, wants to:

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wormold learn when he picks up his first cable at the Consulate?

2. Why does a nervous and excited Hasselbacher call Wormold and tell him to come over to his home?

3. What word is Mr. Wormold worried about with his vacuum cleaner business?

4. Wormold sends a list of three names who are his sub-agents. Where does he obtain the names from?

5. Why is Wormold questioned by the police in Santiago?

6. Why does Beatrice become suspicious of the night of Raul's intended flight?

7. When talking to Milly later that night, what advice does Wormold give her?

8. How does Wormold get the British to pay for his yearly trip to visit retailers?

9. When Wormold writes to his sister, what does he tell her?

10. Why is Wormold going through his index card list of agents the next morning?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Wormold used Segura's gun to kill Carter. When Segura gave Wormold a going away gift of a miniature whiskey bottle and a bullet, what was he telling Wormold? Do you think he was telling Wormold not to return to Cuba?

Essay Topic 2

Wormold is opposed to Captain Segura from the first time he hears about him because of his friendship with Milly. Throughout most of the book, they appear as adversaries. In the overall context of the novel, was Segura helping Wormold or was he hurting him? Does your answer change when you consider that Segura knew of a the trouble that Wormold was in?

Essay Topic 3

Hasselbacher was Wormold's best friend and in some ways one of the most tragic figures in the novel. Discuss Hasselbacher's role. Do you think the was really trapped as he claimed? Why was he killed?

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