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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Wormold, who is responsible for the deaths of Raul, Hasselbacher and the dog?
(a) Wormold and Carter
(b) Hawthorne
(c) Carter
(d) Wormold

2. Captain Segura asks Wormold to accompany him to the:
(a) Wonder Bar
(b) Nacionial
(c) Havana Club
(d) Shanghai Club

3. Hasselbacher tells Wormold not to go into the dining room because:
(a) they plan to demand his resignation
(b) he is a poor speaker
(c) they plan to poison him
(d) they play to heckle him

4. Wormold tells Hasselbacher to go home and that he:
(a) knows the story that circulated
(b) will eat nothing
(c) knows about the plot
(d) will call as soon as he leaves the dining room

5. As they play the checkers game:
(a) they decide to stop drinking
(b) Wormold decides to take as many pieces as possible
(c) Segura tries to take as many pieces as possible
(d) both men avoid taking pieces as much as they can

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Captain Segura give Wormold as a going away gift?

2. Segura tells Wormold that Carter:

3. Wormold feels that if he attends the banquet and they find out who the assassin is, that he will:

4. When Wormold and Milly leave, who sees them off at the airport?

5. What does Wormold learn from Captain Segura?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Captain Segura discuss with Wormold?

2. When Wormold returns to his home, what does he tell Beatrice?

3. What does Beatrice advise Wormold to tell his agents?

4. What does Hasselbacher tell Wormold about his involvement?

5. While playing checkers with Wormold, Captain Segura questions him about his activities. How does Segura explain his position?

6. Who sees Wormold and Milly off at the airport?

7. Why does Beatrice say she came to the Havana Club?

8. What does Wormold learn about Hasselbacher from Captain Segura?

9. What does the Chief discuss during his dinner with the Permanent Under-Secretary?

10. What does Wormold recognize in Carter?

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