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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What task does Wormold refuse to do:
(a) work for Hawthorne
(b) attend the meeting with hawthorne
(c) read Hasselbacher's mail
(d) give up the vacuum cleaner business

2. In regard to providing information for money, Hasselbacher advises Wormold to:
(a) ask at thegovernment offices
(b) make up the information
(c) hire someone to obtain it
(d) resign

3. What does Beatrice tell Wormold about Hasselbacher?
(a) London doesn't like Hasselbacher
(b) London wnat Wormold to recruit Hasselbacher
(c) Hasselbacher is a Russian agent
(d) he is not to have any contact with Hasselbacher

4. Who pays for the Wormold country club membership?
(a) the British Secret Service
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) Captain Segura
(d) Wormold

5. In regards to Hawthorne, Wormold decides that he should:
(a) resign
(b) pay back the money
(c) find someone to help him
(d) send some names for them to trace and recruit an agent

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold learns that the Red Vulture is:

2. What name does Wormold mention when the police question him?

3. What happens when Wormold goes to keep his appointment with Hawthorne?

4. Which of the following is not a part of Wormold's daydream?

5. Wormold finds that Milly wants to:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Wormold get the British to pay for his yearly trip to visit retailers?

2. What does Wormold find when he talks to the Chief?

3. Who sees Wormold and Milly off at the airport?

4. How does Wormold obtain the list of names from Captain Segura?

5. What does Wormold recognize in Carter?

6. What does the Chief discuss during his dinner with the Permanent Under-Secretary?

7. When Wormold returns to his home, what does he tell Beatrice?

8. As they sit down to play, what does Wormold ask Segura to do?

9. How does Hawthorne present Wormold to his Chief in London?

10. What does Beatrice advise Wormold to tell his agents?

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