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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Wormold upset abut when he leaves Hasselbacher?
(a) he is worried that Lopez will report him
(b) he is worried about Harthorne
(c) he is worried about his own safety
(d) he feels men like Hawthorne have done this to his friend

2. The police:
(a) areest Wormold
(b) escort Wormold to his hotel
(c) release Wormold
(d) call Dr. Hasselbacher

3. Wormold tells Milly that he is beginning a new career as:
(a) an imaginative writer
(b) a travel writer
(c) an assistant medical writer
(d) a newpaper correspondent

4. When Wormold asks Lopez if he wants to earn a little extra money, Lopez thinks:
(a) Wormold wants a woman
(b) he is receiving a bonus
(c) he is being made a partner
(d) he is receiving severance pay

5. The duenna is what Wormold's refers to that:
(a) makes Milly a good Catholic
(b) is a nun
(c) is Milly's hired governess
(d) is Milly's hired bodyguard

Short Answer Questions

1. Milly:

2. Beatrice tells Wormold that London's impression of him is that he is:

3. Why are there fewer tourists in Havana than usual?

4. What do Wormold and Hasselbacher do every morning?

5. As the blind Negro walks, he:

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does a nervous and excited Hasselbacher call Wormold and tell him to come over to his home?

2. Milly is a devout Catholic, Womold isn't. Why does he raise her as Catholic?

3. What does Wormold do in response to his anger over what was done to Hasselbacher?

4. Wormold sends a list of three names who are his sub-agents. Where does he obtain the names from?

5. What does Wormold learn about the Englishman who had been in his shop?

6. Why is Wormold going through his index card list of agents the next morning?

7. Why is there a curfew in Santiago?

8. Why does Beatrice become suspicious of the night of Raul's intended flight?

9. How does Wormold get the British to pay for his yearly trip to visit retailers?

10. Why does Hawthorne agree to have the Secret Service pay for Wormold's Country Club membership?

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