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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hawthorne say of the sketches Wormold provided?
(a) they were suspect
(b) he never saw the sketches
(c) they reminded him of vacuum cleaners
(d) they needed more detail

2. Who summons Wormold to a meeting?
(a) the British Ambassador
(b) Captain Segura
(c) Dr. Braun
(d) Mother Superior

3. Who does Beatrice see walking by the office?
(a) a strange man
(b) the police
(c) Hasselbacher
(d) Jim, the Negro with the limp

4. Wormold enters Hasselbacher's apartment by:
(a) he meets him in the lobby
(b) the window
(c) he knocks on the door
(d) he calls from the lobby

5. Captain Segura asks Wormold to accompany him to the:
(a) Wonder Bar
(b) Shanghai Club
(c) Nacionial
(d) Havana Club

6. What do Professor Sanchez and his girlfriend think when Wormold appears to warn them?
(a) that it is a joke
(b) the police are looking forhim
(c) he is in no truble
(d) that the professor is in trouble with Senora Sanchez or Maria

7. Hasselbacher says 'they' broke into his flat because:
(a) he is Wormold's friend
(b) Hasselbacher was seen with Wormold and Segura at the Tropica
(c) Hasselbacher offers to lend money to Wormold
(d) of secrets in Hasselbacher's past

8. Segura accuses Wormold of:
(a) telling Milly that she can't marry him
(b) trying to get him drunk so he can obtain the list of names
(c) trying to get Milly out of the country
(d) lying aboutCarter

9. Just as he is being announced to speak, he notices that:
(a) he has forgotten his speech
(b) the man named Carter has a stammering aspirate just as the man on Segura's tape did
(c) he doesn't feel well
(d) the head waiter is watching him

10. What does Wormold want from Segura?
(a) a ride home
(b) a list of names
(c) an assurance to keep Beatrice out of it
(d) assurance he won't be implicated

11. What did Wormold do with the micro photograph?
(a) he stuck it on his passport
(b) he gave it to Rudy
(c) he gave it to Beatrice
(d) he put it on a postage stamp

12. When Wormold enters the dining room, he:
(a) refuses every drink that is offered
(b) asks for water
(c) asks for a Coke
(d) doesn't drink his usual drink

13. Segura tells Wormold that Carter:
(a) was wih Dr. Braun at the time of Hasselbacher's murder
(b) is under suspicion for Hasselbacher's murder
(c) has not been investigated
(d) was out of town

14. Wormold tells Hasselbacher to go home and that he:
(a) knows about the plot
(b) knows the story that circulated
(c) will eat nothing
(d) will call as soon as he leaves the dining room

15. When Milly and Beatrice go to the cinema, who comes to visit Wormold?
(a) the blind beggar
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) Mr. Carter
(d) Captain Segua

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold takes Beatrice home to stay with Milly and then goes to:

2. Several times Wormold considers:

3. When Wormold and Milly leave, who sees them off at the airport?

4. What does Wormold learn about Hasselbacher?

5. Hasselbacher tells Wormold not to go into the dining room because:

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