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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Beatrice tells Wormold that London:
(a) ordered him to attend at all costs
(b) wants the assassin found
(c) has people at the banquet
(d) wouldn't want him to risk attending the banquet

2. Wormold meets with the Ambassador at:
(a) the Ambassador's home
(b) the Wonder Bar
(c) the Nacionial
(d) the Consulate

3. What does Wormold want from Segura?
(a) assurance he won't be implicated
(b) an assurance to keep Beatrice out of it
(c) a ride home
(d) a list of names

4. What does a man named MacDougal offer Wormold?
(a) a shot from his flash
(b) his business card
(c) advice on public speaking
(d) his seat at a table

5. How does Wormold find Hasselbacher?
(a) unconscious
(b) drunk
(c) sleeping in a uniform
(d) angry

6. When Wormold and Milly leave, who sees them off at the airport?
(a) Mother Superior
(b) the Ambassador
(c) Captain Segura
(d) Lopez

7. What do Professor Sanchez and his girlfriend think when Wormold appears to warn them?
(a) he is in no truble
(b) that the professor is in trouble with Senora Sanchez or Maria
(c) the police are looking forhim
(d) that it is a joke

8. What did Wormold do about the list of agent names?
(a) he took Segura's copy
(b) he asked Segura for a copy
(c) he photographed it
(d) he forgot about it

9. Hasselbacher tells Wormold not to go into the dining room because:
(a) they plan to poison him
(b) they plan to demand his resignation
(c) he is a poor speaker
(d) they play to heckle him

10. When Wormold arrives at Carter's hotel room, he:
(a) sneaks into the room with a pass key
(b) tells Carter they must report MacDougal
(c) says he came to apologize for his behavior at the luncheon
(d) kills Carter

11. When Captain Segura arrives, Wormold tells him that:
(a) today he will beat him
(b) Milly will marry him
(c) they have nothing to talk aout
(d) they are leaving Havana

12. Wormold takes Beatrice home to stay with Milly and then goes to:
(a) bed
(b) Hasselbacher
(c) for a walk
(d) the Wonder Bar

13. Wormold reports to Beatrice that Segura has:
(a) threatened Beatrice with deportation
(b) threatened Rudy with arrest
(c) threatened Wormold with deportation
(d) interrogated Cifuentes

14. The police take Wormold to:
(a) his home
(b) back to the Shanghai Theater
(c) Captain Segura
(d) jail

15. As they play the checkers game:
(a) Segura tries to take as many pieces as possible
(b) they decide to stop drinking
(c) Wormold decides to take as many pieces as possible
(d) both men avoid taking pieces as much as they can

Short Answer Questions

1. Captain Segura asks Wormold to formally identify the body of:

2. When Wormold is served his plate at the luncheon, he:

3. Captain Segura raises all but the following issues:

4. The Chief uses all of the following terms to describe Hasselbacher:

5. Wormold enters Hasselbacher's apartment by:

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