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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Wormold and Beatrice leave Hasselbacher and walk home:
(a) they don't speak
(b) Beatrice asks a lot of questions
(c) Wormold refuses to discuss the situation
(d) Wormold confesses that he made it all up

2. What lent credibility to the drawing submitted by Wormold, according to Hawthorne, was the other sales plans to:
(a) discredit Raul
(b) kidnap Beatrice
(c) discredit Wormold
(d) eliminate Wormold

3. When Milly and Beatrice go to the cinema, who comes to visit Wormold?
(a) Mr. Carter
(b) Captain Segua
(c) the blind beggar
(d) Dr. Hasselbacher

4. What does Hawthorne say of the sketches Wormold provided?
(a) he never saw the sketches
(b) they reminded him of vacuum cleaners
(c) they were suspect
(d) they needed more detail

5. When Wormold and Segura are playing checkers, what does Segura tell Wormold?
(a) that Hasselbacher will be deported
(b) that Wormold is in a lot of trouble
(c) Segura read the cable where Wormold reported recruiting Cifuentes
(d) that Wormold will be deported

6. What does Hasselbacher do that is out of character for him?
(a) he threatens to tell Milly
(b) he collapses in the chair
(c) he cries
(d) he calls Wormold by his first name

7. The Chief is talking to the Permanent Under-Secretary about:
(a) the Berlin wall
(b) the broken book code
(c) the base construction in Cuba
(d) the death of Raul

8. On the day of the European Traders' Association, Wormold is too nervous to:
(a) go out of the office
(b) attend the function
(c) eat breakfast
(d) give the speech

9. When Segura passes out from all of the drinking, Wormold:
(a) calls Milly in to see Segura
(b) takes Segura's gun and walks out
(c) also passes out
(d) takes the list of names

10. When Wormold returns to Segura, Segura is:
(a) waiting for him
(b) gone
(c) still unconscious
(d) demanding to see Milly

11. What does Captain Segura give Wormold as a going away gift?
(a) nothing
(b) Hasselbacher's missing papers
(c) the agent list
(d) a miniature bottle of whiskey and a bullet

12. The police take Wormold to:
(a) his home
(b) jail
(c) Captain Segura
(d) back to the Shanghai Theater

13. What did Wormold do with the micro photograph?
(a) he gave it to Rudy
(b) he put it on a postage stamp
(c) he stuck it on his passport
(d) he gave it to Beatrice

14. Wormold takes Beatrice home to stay with Milly and then goes to:
(a) for a walk
(b) Hasselbacher
(c) bed
(d) the Wonder Bar

15. Hasselbacher tells Wormold not to go into the dining room because:
(a) he is a poor speaker
(b) they plan to poison him
(c) they play to heckle him
(d) they plan to demand his resignation

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold reports to Beatrice that Segura has:

2. When Wormold arrives at the Nacional for the luncheon, who is waiting for him in the lobby?

3. When Wormold and Milly leave, who sees them off at the airport?

4. When talking to Wormold Captain Segura mentions all but the following:

5. Captain Segura raises all but the following issues:

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