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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hawthorne tells Wormold that the murder is supposed to take place at the:
(a) Havana Club
(b) Wonder Bar
(c) European Traders' Association at the Nacional
(d) Tropicana

2. Captain Segura raises all but the following issues:
(a) Wormold's trip to Kingston
(b) the complaint of Professor Sanchez
(c) The shots fired at Cifuentes
(d) the car crash that killed Raul

3. When Hasselbacher asks why Wormold ever began selling information, Wormold responds that he did it for:
(a) money
(b) he was trapped and couldn't refuse
(c) excitement
(d) loyalty to Engaldn

4. When Wormold and Segura are playing checkers, what does Segura tell Wormold?
(a) Segura read the cable where Wormold reported recruiting Cifuentes
(b) that Wormold will be deported
(c) that Hasselbacher will be deported
(d) that Wormold is in a lot of trouble

5. Wormold tells Hasselbacher to go home and that he:
(a) will eat nothing
(b) knows about the plot
(c) knows the story that circulated
(d) will call as soon as he leaves the dining room

6. Segura ties his marrying Milly to:
(a) Wormold's residence permit
(b) the success of the vacuum cleaner business
(c) Wormold's health
(d) the problems with Hawthorne

7. Who was shot at, supposedly by accident?
(a) Mr. Parkmen
(b) Rudy
(c) Captain Segura
(d) Dr. Cifuentes

8. Why does Beatrice insist they go to the Shanghai Theater?
(a) to warn Teresa
(b) to talk
(c) to get out of the house
(d) to hide

9. When Milly and Beatrice go to the cinema, who comes to visit Wormold?
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher
(b) Mr. Carter
(c) Captain Segua
(d) the blind beggar

10. When Wormold walks away from Professor Sanchez's house, who is waiting for him?
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher
(b) Lopez
(c) a man named Raul
(d) the police

11. Wormold enters Hasselbacher's apartment by:
(a) he calls from the lobby
(b) he knocks on the door
(c) he meets him in the lobby
(d) the window

12. Wormold and Captain Segura meet at the:
(a) Shanghai Club
(b) Wonder Bar
(c) Sloppy Joe
(d) Havana Club

13. What does Wormold learn about Hasselbacher?
(a) he was never in the military
(b) he had been a Cuban officer
(c) he left Germany to escape the draft
(d) he wasn't really German

14. Just as he is being announced to speak, he notices that:
(a) the man named Carter has a stammering aspirate just as the man on Segura's tape did
(b) he doesn't feel well
(c) the head waiter is watching him
(d) he has forgotten his speech

15. Wormold feels that if he attends the banquet and they find out who the assassin is, that he will:
(a) have earned his money
(b) impress London
(c) be able to sleep at night
(d) appear as a hero to Milly

Short Answer Questions

1. The Chief is talking to the Permanent Under-Secretary about:

2. When Wormold is describing the shooting to Beatrice, he tells her:

3. What does Wormold want from Segura?

4. According to the Ambassador:

5. Hasselbacher tells Wormold not to go into the dining room because:

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