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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What lent credibility to the drawing submitted by Wormold, according to Hawthorne, was the other sales plans to:
(a) discredit Wormold
(b) kidnap Beatrice
(c) eliminate Wormold
(d) discredit Raul

2. When talking to Wormold Captain Segura mentions all but the following:
(a) the Shanghai Theater
(b) his relationship with Milly
(c) the postcard Wormold sent to Hasselbacher from Santiago
(d) ProfessorSanchez's wife

3. The advice of the Ambassador is that Wormold should:
(a) avoid Captain Segura
(b) meet with Hawthorne in Jamaica
(c) talk to Captain Segura
(d) go home to England

4. Throughout the meeting with Segura, Wormold maintains that:
(a) Lopez was responsible for the situation
(b) Cifuentes was not his agent
(c) Cifuentes was his agent
(d) Milly is too young for Segura

5. The police take Wormold to:
(a) jail
(b) his home
(c) Captain Segura
(d) back to the Shanghai Theater

6. Captain Segura raises all but the following issues:
(a) The shots fired at Cifuentes
(b) the complaint of Professor Sanchez
(c) the car crash that killed Raul
(d) Wormold's trip to Kingston

7. When Hasselbacher asks why Wormold ever began selling information, Wormold responds that he did it for:
(a) loyalty to Engaldn
(b) money
(c) he was trapped and couldn't refuse
(d) excitement

8. What does Segura say about the search and ransacking of Hasselbacher's apartment?
(a) the police had no part in the incident
(b) trained professionals were responsible
(c) local thugs were responsible
(d) the police performed the search

9. Who broke the book code?
(a) Lopez
(b) Captain Segura
(c) Hasselbacher
(d) Raul

10. The plate with no carrots which was served to Wormold is passed down the table when the:
(a) meal is eaten by Dr. Braun
(b) waiters begin to laugh
(c) head waiter seizes it
(d) waiters ignore it

11. When Wormold enters the dining room, he:
(a) refuses every drink that is offered
(b) asks for water
(c) asks for a Coke
(d) doesn't drink his usual drink

12. When Milly and Beatrice go to the cinema, who comes to visit Wormold?
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher
(b) the blind beggar
(c) Captain Segua
(d) Mr. Carter

13. What is the excitement that Milly talks about?
(a) a riot
(b) an assassination attempt at the Ministry of the Interior
(c) the rebels entered the capitol
(d) a fire at the Tropicana

14. When Wormold is describing the shooting to Beatrice, he tells her:
(a) Carter escaped
(b) Carter's gun jammed
(c) he didn't know how to fire a gun
(d) the third shot was his

15. Captain Segura plans to blame the death on:
(a) the rebels from Oriente Province
(b) Wormold
(c) Rudy
(d) Lopez

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Wormold want to kill?

2. The previous morning, the Ambassador was visited by:

3. What does Captain Segura suspect Wormold of being involved in:

4. In regards to Raul, Hasselbacher says that:

5. When Wormold returns to Segura, Segura is:

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