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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Segura tells Wormold that Carter:
(a) has not been investigated
(b) was wih Dr. Braun at the time of Hasselbacher's murder
(c) was out of town
(d) is under suspicion for Hasselbacher's murder

2. Wormold feels that if he attends the banquet and they find out who the assassin is, that he will:
(a) be able to sleep at night
(b) have earned his money
(c) appear as a hero to Milly
(d) impress London

3. When Wormold enters the dining room, he:
(a) doesn't drink his usual drink
(b) refuses every drink that is offered
(c) asks for water
(d) asks for a Coke

4. Wormold says all but the following about Carter:
(a) scared of women
(b) likes his pipe
(c) a trained professional
(d) liked to watch the steamers on the river

5. When Wormold is served his plate at the luncheon, he:
(a) refuses it
(b) passes it down the table
(c) ignores it
(d) accepts it

6. When Wormold returns to Segura, Segura is:
(a) still unconscious
(b) gone
(c) waiting for him
(d) demanding to see Milly

7. When Wormold and Milly leave, who sees them off at the airport?
(a) the Ambassador
(b) Captain Segura
(c) Lopez
(d) Mother Superior

8. When Wormold walks away from Professor Sanchez's house, who is waiting for him?
(a) the police
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) Lopez
(d) a man named Raul

9. Wormold receives a cable from Hawthorne saying that he is to report to:
(a) Kingston
(b) London
(c) the British Virgin Island
(d) Bermuda

10. Why does Beatrice insist they go to the Shanghai Theater?
(a) to hide
(b) to warn Teresa
(c) to get out of the house
(d) to talk

11. Wormold takes Beatrice home to stay with Milly and then goes to:
(a) the Wonder Bar
(b) for a walk
(c) Hasselbacher
(d) bed

12. Regarding Wormold's agents, Beatrice advises that:
(a) they go into hiding
(b) they act normal and deny everything if questions
(c) they all meet at Wormold's office
(d) they leave Cuba

13. What does Wormold learn from Captain Segura?
(a) Beatrice is a phoney
(b) Raul is dead
(c) Professor Sanchez isn't married
(d) Hasselbacher's phone is tapped

14. What did Hasselbacher say would have happened if he didn't help 'them'?
(a) he would be deported
(b) they would have him arrested
(c) they would kill him
(d) they would kill Wormold

15. On the day of the European Traders' Association, Wormold is too nervous to:
(a) attend the function
(b) eat breakfast
(c) give the speech
(d) go out of the office

Short Answer Questions

1. Hasselbacher says 'they' broke into his flat because:

2. The police take Wormold to:

3. What does Wormold want from Segura?

4. Wormold enters Hasselbacher's apartment by:

5. Beatrice tells Wormold that London:

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