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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Hasselbacher and Mr. Wormold are talking in:
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher's office
(b) the Wonder Bar
(c) the Consulate
(d) the park

2. Who joins their table at the outing for Milly?
(a) Lopez
(b) Captain Segura
(c) Mother Superior
(d) Hawthorne

3. The woman introduces herself to Wormold as:
(a) a Havana bar owner
(b) a flight attendant
(c) his secretary
(d) a Miami sociality

4. Why does Wormold at first say no to Milly's request for a horse?
(a) it is out of character for Milly
(b) horseback riding is too dangerous
(c) she is too young
(d) he can't afford it

5. Beatrice tells Wormold that London's impression of him is that he is:
(a) a small businessman
(b) an old fashioned merchant king
(c) a hustler
(d) a wealthy land owner

6. What does Beatrice tell Wormold about Hasselbacher?
(a) Hasselbacher is a Russian agent
(b) London doesn't like Hasselbacher
(c) he is not to have any contact with Hasselbacher
(d) London wnat Wormold to recruit Hasselbacher

7. When Wormold goes to the Consulate to pick-up a cable, he learns that:
(a) they are waiting for a full report
(b) they don't want to know anything about his activities
(c) they want to question him
(d) they want him to talk with the security staff

8. What does Wormold find when he returns to his shop?
(a) Lopez gone
(b) a man asking questions about vacuum cleaners
(c) the door locked
(d) Milly behind thecounter

9. On the trip, Wormold:
(a) interviews people he could recruit
(b) decides to quite the Secret Service
(c) meets with his sub-agents
(d) collects names to send to Hawthorne

10. What is Wormold upset abut when he leaves Hasselbacher?
(a) he is worried that Lopez will report him
(b) he is worried about Harthorne
(c) he feels men like Hawthorne have done this to his friend
(d) he is worried about his own safety

11. What does Wormold collect?
(a) stamp
(b) coins
(c) miniature whiskey bottles
(d) old newspaper

12. Wormold tells Milly that he is beginning a new career as:
(a) an assistant medical writer
(b) a travel writer
(c) an imaginative writer
(d) a newpaper correspondent

13. What do Wormold and Hasselbacher do every morning?
(a) play cards
(b) go for a walk
(c) read the paper
(d) meet for a daiquiri

14. Why are there fewer tourists in Havana than usual?
(a) there are disturbances
(b) there is a ban on alcohol
(c) it is too expensive
(d) the weather is bad

15. For Milly's seventeenth birthday, Wormold takes Milly and Hasselbacher to the:
(a) Country Club
(b) Tropicana
(c) Nacional
(d) Wonder Bar

Short Answer Questions

1. What is missing from Hasselbacher's apartment?

2. What task does Wormold refuse to do:

3. Regarding his trip, Wormold tells Hawthorne that the purpose is to:

4. A cable from London tells Wormold:

5. How long is Wormold in Santiago?

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