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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Englishman tells Wormold to meet him:
(a) at his store
(b) in the Gents
(c) at his apartment
(d) at the WonderBar

2. Milly:
(a) is Dr. Hasselbacher's assistant
(b) attends a convent school
(c) works at the consulate
(d) is a nun

3. Which of the following is not a part of Wormold's daydream?
(a) retiring to England with Milly
(b) bearer-bonds
(c) Milly safely married
(d) a steady flow of dividends

4. The woman introduces herself to Wormold as:
(a) a flight attendant
(b) a Havana bar owner
(c) his secretary
(d) a Miami sociality

5. How does Wormold know which page, line and word of the book to use to decode the message?
(a) he must guess
(b) it was prearranged with Hawthorne
(c) from the four digit number at the beginning of the message
(d) the Consulate staff must tell him

6. What does Wormold collect?
(a) coins
(b) old newspaper
(c) miniature whiskey bottles
(d) stamp

7. Wormold finds the Englishman works for the:
(a) vacuum cleaner company
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) police
(d) British Secret Service

8. One of the staff at the Secret Service commented that the sketches:
(a) a new airplane
(b) a new bomb
(c) a missile
(d) reminded him of a giant vacuum cleaner

9. What does the Englishman know about Wormold?
(a) he attended Cambridge
(b) he was botrn in Havana
(c) he was born in London
(d) he was born in Nice

10. Who pays for the Wormold country club membership?
(a) the British Secret Service
(b) Captain Segura
(c) Wormold
(d) Dr. Hasselbacher

11. What does Hasselbacher consider to be important in his search for lottery number?
(a) a dog and a cat
(b) a cat and a nun
(c) two dogs
(d) a wasp and a chicken

12. In a cable to Hawthorne, Wormold tells of:
(a) Lopez demanding large amounts of money
(b) a big military installation being built in Oreinte Province
(c) what happened to Hasselbacher
(d) strange man asking questions about Hawthorne

13. Hasselbacher had received a phone call:
(a) threatening him
(b) asking if his sympathies were with the East or West
(c) warning him
(d) advising him to leave Cuba

14. Hawthorne describes Wormold to his superior as:
(a) too expensive tastes for them
(b) a playboy
(c) theonly man he could find
(d) advantageously placed with good business contacts

15. Wormold makes a yearly trip outside of Havana to:
(a) visit friends
(b) get Milly out of the city
(c) vacation
(d) visit retailers

Short Answer Questions

1. Beatrice tells Wormold that London's impression of him is that he is:

2. Why does Wormold worry?

3. A cable from London tells Wormold:

4. Wormold tells Milly that he is beginning a new career as:

5. Which of the following does Hawthorne not considered a necessity for Wormold's office:

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