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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the blind Negro walks, he:
(a) looks around
(b) sings
(c) counts the number of steps
(d) greets people

2. Why does Wormold insist on Handling his own communication with his agents?
(a) Beatrice doesn's speak Spanish
(b) Beatrice is afraid to travel to meet them
(c) he has no agents
(d) for security purposes

3. In regard to providing information for money, Hasselbacher advises Wormold to:
(a) resign
(b) make up the information
(c) hire someone to obtain it
(d) ask at thegovernment offices

4. What does Beatrice tell Wormold about Hasselbacher?
(a) London wnat Wormold to recruit Hasselbacher
(b) he is not to have any contact with Hasselbacher
(c) London doesn't like Hasselbacher
(d) Hasselbacher is a Russian agent

5. Dr. Hasselbacher and Mr. Wormold are talking in:
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher's office
(b) the park
(c) the Consulate
(d) the Wonder Bar

6. When Wormold enters the Sloppy Joe bar, what does he see?
(a) Dr. Hasselbacher
(b) Milly
(c) the English man who was in his store
(d) Lopez

7. Wormold tells Milly that he is beginning a new career as:
(a) a newpaper correspondent
(b) a travel writer
(c) an imaginative writer
(d) an assistant medical writer

8. What does Milly want as a birthday present?
(a) a horse
(b) a car
(c) a trip to England
(d) a shopping spree

9. What is one of the first things that Beatrice did:
(a) read through Wormold's cables
(b) questioned Wormold about his contacts
(c) purchased a large combination safe
(d) cleaned the office

10. On the trip, Wormold:
(a) interviews people he could recruit
(b) decides to quite the Secret Service
(c) collects names to send to Hawthorne
(d) meets with his sub-agents

11. Wormold writes his sister that the vacuum cleaners aren't selling well because of:
(a) power outages
(b) the market is glutted
(c) high prices
(d) high unemployment

12. Wormold makes a yearly trip outside of Havana to:
(a) visit friends
(b) visit retailers
(c) get Milly out of the city
(d) vacation

13. Who pays for the Wormold country club membership?
(a) Captain Segura
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) Wormold
(d) the British Secret Service

14. What do Wormold and Hasselbacher do every morning?
(a) read the paper
(b) meet for a daiquiri
(c) play cards
(d) go for a walk

15. How long is Wormold in Santiago?
(a) five days
(b) three days
(c) two weeks
(d) one day

Short Answer Questions

1. When Wormold is in Santa Cruz:

2. What does Wormold find in Milly's room?

3. Wormold writes to his sister and sends his nephew:

4. Why does the Englishman run the water in the Gents?

5. The police:

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