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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The duenna is what Wormold's refers to that:
(a) makes Milly a good Catholic
(b) is Milly's hired governess
(c) is Milly's hired bodyguard
(d) is a nun

2. What name does Wormold mention when the police question him?
(a) Lopez
(b) Hawthorne
(c) Milly
(d) Captain Segura

3. In Santiago, Wormold is:
(a) attacked by rebels
(b) stopped by the police for being out after curfew
(c) sick from the food
(d) mugged

4. When the police find Wormold's postcard to Hasselbacher, Wormold tells them that Hasselbacher is:
(a) a woman named Emma
(b) a bar owner
(c) a medical doctor
(d) an employee of Captain Segura

5. In Havana, Wormold receives a panicky phone call from:
(a) Lopez
(b) Milly
(c) Captain Segura
(d) Hasselbacher

6. How does Wormold know which page, line and word of the book to use to decode the message?
(a) he must guess
(b) the Consulate staff must tell him
(c) from the four digit number at the beginning of the message
(d) it was prearranged with Hawthorne

7. Beatrice tells Wormold that London's impression of him is that he is:
(a) a wealthy land owner
(b) an old fashioned merchant king
(c) a small businessman
(d) a hustler

8. Hasselbacher had received a phone call:
(a) asking if his sympathies were with the East or West
(b) warning him
(c) threatening him
(d) advising him to leave Cuba

9. What does the Englishman know about Wormold?
(a) he attended Cambridge
(b) he was born in Nice
(c) he was born in London
(d) he was botrn in Havana

10. One of Beatrice's functions will be to:
(a) recruit new agents
(b) serve as a courier
(c) handle communications with the sub-agents
(d) keep Hasselbacher away

11. Wormold tells Hasselbacher that he was offered money:
(a) for his business
(b) for women
(c) to provide information
(d) to leave town

12. Wormold invents his sub-agents by:
(a) finding names in the newspaper
(b) talking to people and finding the ones who were interested
(c) asking at a bar
(d) selecting names from the Country Club list

13. What is missing from Hasselbacher's apartment?
(a) some papers that were thirty years old
(b) his passport
(c) pictures
(d) money

14. Who does Wormold find is driving Milly home from school:
(a) Mother Superior
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) her boyfriend
(d) Captain Segura

15. The cable basically says that Hawthorne has:
(a) been replaced
(b) received no information from Wormold
(c) fired Wormold
(d) no further need for Wormold's services

Short Answer Questions

1. While they have a discussion at their table, a woman at the next table:

2. Which of the following is not a part of Wormold's daydream?

3. The woman introduces herself to Wormold as:

4. What did Milly do at the age of thirteen when a boy pulled her hair?

5. Why does the Englishman run the water in the Gents?

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