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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Englishman know about Wormold?
(a) he was botrn in Havana
(b) he was born in London
(c) he was born in Nice
(d) he attended Cambridge

2. When Wormold receives fifteen hundred dollars for the bogus flight of the Cuban pilot, he plans to use the money:
(a) to send Milly to a Swiss finishing school
(b) to flee on
(c) to move to bigger parties
(d) to buy a new car

3. On the trip, Wormold:
(a) interviews people he could recruit
(b) decides to quite the Secret Service
(c) collects names to send to Hawthorne
(d) meets with his sub-agents

4. Why does the Chief question the reports sent by Wormold?
(a) he wants documentation
(b) the Secret Service is not interested in the drawings
(c) the Americans haven't mentioned anything to theBritish
(d) he says the information doesn't sound correct

5. What does Wormold find in Milly's room?
(a) receipts for her shopping
(b) a love letter to Captain Segura
(c) a list of Country Club members
(d) herdiary

6. What is missing from Hasselbacher's apartment?
(a) his passport
(b) some papers that were thirty years old
(c) money
(d) pictures

7. While Beatrice is talking to Wormold, who arrives?
(a) Rudy, the radio operator
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) the police
(d) Captain Segura

8. What does the Chief tell Hawthorne to look into arranging for Wormold?
(a) a loan
(b) a Spanish speaking secretary
(c) a new car
(d) a newoffice

9. Wormold learns that the Red Vulture is:
(a) a drink
(b) Captain Segura
(c) a rare exotic bird
(d) a bar

10. Wormold goes with Hasselbacher to key:
(a) Daiquiris
(b) lottery tickets
(c) the newspaper
(d) theater tickets

11. What does Wormold find when he returns to his shop?
(a) Milly behind thecounter
(b) Lopez gone
(c) the door locked
(d) a man asking questions about vacuum cleaners

12. Beatrice tells Wormold that London's impression of him is that he is:
(a) a hustler
(b) an old fashioned merchant king
(c) a wealthy land owner
(d) a small businessman

13. What does Wormold collect?
(a) stamp
(b) miniature whiskey bottles
(c) coins
(d) old newspaper

14. While they have a discussion at their table, a woman at the next table:
(a) slaps her escort
(b) begins to shout
(c) faints
(d) squirts Captain Segura with seltzer water

15. The cable basically says that Hawthorne has:
(a) received no information from Wormold
(b) fired Wormold
(c) been replaced
(d) no further need for Wormold's services

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold tells Milly that he is beginning a new career as:

2. What does Hasselbacher consider to be important in his search for lottery number?

3. Hasselbacher had received a phone call:

4. Hawthorne is known as:

5. Regarding his trip, Wormold tells Hawthorne that the purpose is to:

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