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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5, Epilogue in London.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The police take Wormold to:
(a) his home
(b) jail
(c) Captain Segura
(d) back to the Shanghai Theater

2. When Wormold enters the Sloppy Joe bar, what does he see?
(a) Milly
(b) the English man who was in his store
(c) Dr. Hasselbacher
(d) Lopez

3. Throughout the meeting with Segura, Wormold maintains that:
(a) Lopez was responsible for the situation
(b) Cifuentes was his agent
(c) Cifuentes was not his agent
(d) Milly is too young for Segura

4. Why does Wormold worry?
(a) he has gambling debts
(b) his pension won't be enough to take Milly to England
(c) his business is failing
(d) he can't pay for the new inventory

5. Who does Wormold find is driving Milly home from school:
(a) her boyfriend
(b) Dr. Hasselbacher
(c) Mother Superior
(d) Captain Segura

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold says that he wants:

2. What does Wormold find that Beatrice wants him to do:

3. Regarding his trip, Wormold tells Hawthorne that the purpose is to:

4. Several times Wormold considers:

5. Wormold says all but the following about Carter:

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