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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 3 - Interlude in London.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the trip, Wormold:
(a) meets with his sub-agents
(b) interviews people he could recruit
(c) decides to quite the Secret Service
(d) collects names to send to Hawthorne

2. Who does Wormold find is driving Milly home from school:
(a) Captain Segura
(b) her boyfriend
(c) Dr. Hasselbacher
(d) Mother Superior

3. In Santiago, Wormold is:
(a) attacked by rebels
(b) sick from the food
(c) stopped by the police for being out after curfew
(d) mugged

4. Regarding his trip, Wormold tells Hawthorne that the purpose is to:
(a) to check out information
(b) recruit
(c) meet government officials
(d) recouperate from an illness

5. What does Wormold find when he returns to his shop?
(a) a man asking questions about vacuum cleaners
(b) the door locked
(c) Milly behind thecounter
(d) Lopez gone

Short Answer Questions

1. Wormold makes a yearly trip outside of Havana to:

2. The duenna is what Wormold's refers to that:

3. When Wormold enters the Sloppy Joe bar, what does he see?

4. What is missing from Hasselbacher's apartment?

5. Wormold finds that Milly wants to:

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