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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4 - Interlude in London.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wormold finds the Englishman works for the:
(a) police
(b) British Secret Service
(c) vacuum cleaner company
(d) Dr. Hasselbacher

2. Why does Wormold at first say no to Milly's request for a horse?
(a) he can't afford it
(b) it is out of character for Milly
(c) horseback riding is too dangerous
(d) she is too young

3. As the blind Negro walks, he:
(a) counts the number of steps
(b) greets people
(c) sings
(d) looks around

4. Where is Wormold planning to take Milly for her birthday:
(a) to a nightclub
(b) on a cruise
(c) shopping
(d) on a picnic

5. Why does the Englishman run the water in the Gents?
(a) to wash his hands
(b) to see if it is clean
(c) so he doesn't have to listen to Wormold
(d) to confuse a mike

Short Answer Questions

1. What task does Wormold refuse to do:

2. What does Wormold collect?

3. What do Wormold and Hasselbacher do every morning?

4. Why are there fewer tourists in Havana than usual?

5. The Englishman, whose name is Hawthorne, wants to:

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