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Cuba - An island nation in the Caribbean, just ninety miles from the United States.

Havana - The capital city of Cuba and the home of Wormold.

Montinque - A small island in the Caribbean that is an overseas territory of France. Hawthorne is described as visiting this island in the story.

Kingston - The capital of Jamaica, a British territory at the time of the story.

Duenna - Literally a nanny. But Wormold often imagines a nanny governing his daughter.

UNESCO - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a charitable organization.

Draughts - A board game better known in America as checkers.

The Secret Service - The British organization that recruits Wormold to spy in Cuba.

O.B.E. - The Order of the British Empire, an honorary knighthood conferred by the king or queen of England.

Hillman - A classic British made car...

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