Our Man in Havana Character Descriptions

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Jim Wormold

A British vacuum cleaner salesman in Havana, Cuba.

Dr. Hasselbacher

A German physician who often drinks at the Wonder Bar.

Milly Wormold

Seventeen-year-old girl who attends an American convent school and is a devout Catholic.


The secretary sent from London to work with another character.


The British secret agent who recruits another character.

Captain Segura

A character in Havana who is known as 'the red vulture' as he tortures people.


A character's assistant at the vacuum store and one of his fake agents.

The Chief

The head of the British Secret Service.


The man sent from London to help another character with communications.


A fake agent who is reported to be a nude dancer in a night club and the mistress of several important government ministers.

Engineer Cifuentes

A fake agents who is a real person but is not aware of...

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