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Part 1, Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

• Mr. Wormold is talking to Dr. Hasselbacher in the Wonder Bar. Wormold is concerned about the word 'atomic' in the name of a particular vacuum cleaner.

• Wormold returns to his shop to find a man asking questions about vacuum cleaners.
• Wormold discusses Milly's spending habits and tells her to stop buying items on credit. He finds she wants a horse for her birthday and eventually given is and tells her he will buy it.

Part 1, Chapter 3

• Wormold discovers that he has an overdraft at the bank.

• Deciding against his usual morning daiquiri at the Wonder Bar, he goes to the Sloppy Joe, where he meets the Englishman who is named Hawthorne.
• Hawthorne is a member of the Secret Service and wants to recruit Wormold for work in an intelligence network that he is setting up. Wormold is supposed to meet Hawthorne at ten that...

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