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Andrew O'Hagan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Jamie see in Granda's eyes on Christmas night?
(a) Anger.
(b) Fear.
(c) Joy.
(d) Anticipation.

2. What is Jamie's mother doing with her friends when he finds her?
(a) Playing cards.
(b) Having coffee.
(c) Eating lunch.
(d) Singing karaoke.

3. What does Granda, in a mischievous mood, dare Jamie to do?
(a) Climb a wall and check a church bell.
(b) Moon passing drivers.
(c) Make prank phone calls.
(d) Go skinnydipping.

4. How long has Jamie been visiting his grandparents when he receives a letter from his girlfriend?
(a) 3 weeks.
(b) 2 months.
(c) 2 weeks.
(d) 2 days.

5. What is Fergus McCluskey in charge of?
(a) Healthcare for the elderly.
(b) Meals on Wheels.
(c) The demolition of Hugh's buildings.
(d) The condo board.

6. Which author's poetry does Jamie read?
(a) Walt Whitman.
(b) Robert Burns.
(c) e.e. cummings.
(d) Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

7. What has Karen always wanted but Jamie did not?
(a) A baby.
(b) A big house.
(c) A vacation home.
(d) A motorcycle.

8. What topic does Gran bring up during Christmas dinner with Jamie?
(a) Granda's funeral plans.
(b) Jamie's marriage plans.
(c) Jamie's father.
(d) The media accusations against Granda.

9. How is Jamie's demeanor with Granda best described?
(a) Sullen.
(b) Patient.
(c) Anxious.
(d) Enthusiastic.

10. Why is Jamie concerned when Granda tells him a story about a visit from John MacLean while in the Housing Commission office?
(a) John MacLean had an affair with Gran.
(b) Granda never knew anyone named John MacLean.
(c) John MacLean moved to America before Granda took the Housing Commission job.
(d) John MacLean died before Granda took the Housing Commission job.

11. Beside whose grave is Granda buried?
(a) His father's.
(b) His mother's.
(c) Gran's.
(d) His sister's.

12. Why is Jamie happy to meet Bob?
(a) Because he genuinely loves his mother.
(b) Because he loans him some money.
(c) Because Bob offers him a job.
(d) Because he can stop worrying about his mother now.

13. Who harasses Jamie while at the club?
(a) A bartender.
(b) A drunken patron.
(c) His mother's husband.
(d) A drunken journalist.

14. Jamie notes that Gran often lives __________________.
(a) In the past.
(b) Day to day.
(c) Vicariously.
(d) On the edge.

15. What song does the congregation sing before dispersing to the cemetery?
(a) Just a Closer Walk with Thee.
(b) Faith of our Fathers.
(c) How Great Thou Art.
(d) Amazing Grace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jamie's girlfriend live?

2. What had Jamie's mother chosen over Jamie throughout most of her life?

3. What is Jamie's mother's demeanor when she spends the afternoon with him?

4. Whose reputation does Jamie attempt to defend while at the bar?

5. Where does Granda want Jamie to be?

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