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Andrew O'Hagan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a place Jamie takes Granda in a wheelchair?
(a) A museum
(b) Parks.
(c) The horse races.
(d) The pub.

2. What type of flowers does Gran leave on Granda's grave?
(a) Carnations.
(b) Daisies.
(c) Roses.
(d) Violets.

3. How is Jamie's demeanor with Granda best described?
(a) Enthusiastic.
(b) Sullen.
(c) Patient.
(d) Anxious.

4. What smoking product does Jamie prepare for Granda?
(a) Cigar.
(b) Rolled cigarettes.
(c) Marijuana.
(d) Pipe.

5. Where does Jamie meet his mother while in Glasgow?
(a) The Railway Club.
(b) Glasgow Museum of Art.
(c) Starbucks.
(d) Balmoral Business Bureau.

6. Where does Jamie's girlfriend live?
(a) Liverpool.
(b) Bristol.
(c) Dublin.
(d) London.

7. What is Jamie's demeanor after watching the demolition of Granda's buildings?
(a) Sad.
(b) Happy.
(c) Enthused.
(d) Relieved.

8. Jamie misses the smell of ___________ on Karen's skin.
(a) Jasmine.
(b) Vanilla.
(c) Cocoa butter.
(d) Lemon.

9. What does Jamie's generation feel the need to do while also tearing down old buildings?
(a) Implement plans for parking garages.
(b) Generate PR about it.
(c) Criticize the construction.
(d) Notify the architects.

10. After talking to Karen, what does Jamie determine?
(a) He will leave for home tomorrow.
(b) Maybe he can be a father after all.
(c) He is going to propose to her.
(d) He wants to end their relationship.

11. Why did Granda always cut corners?
(a) To offer more affordable housing.
(b) To make friends.
(c) To arrive at his destination quicker.
(d) To save credit card fees.

12. What does Jamie do after his Granda dies?
(a) Goes to church.
(b) Writes an obituary.
(c) Talks with a priest.
(d) Makes phone calls.

13. Beside whose grave is Granda buried?
(a) Gran's.
(b) His sister's.
(c) His father's.
(d) His mother's.

14. How do Jamie and Hugh get around in the city?
(a) A rental car.
(b) A bus.
(c) A subway.
(d) A cab.

15. What is the priest's eulogy able to do?
(a) Stir up more grief for Gran.
(b) Console the mourners.
(c) Clear Granda's name of the misappropriation accusations.
(d) Calm Jamie's nerves.

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes an important element throughout Jamie's life?

2. On what matter did Jamie's wishes overrule Karen's?

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics that makes Jamie love Karen?

4. How are Jamie's visits with Granda characterized?

5. What does Karen tell Jamie about his accent?

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