Our Fathers Short Essay - Answer Key

Andrew O'Hagan
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1. Where is Jamie Bawn going with his parents as Part 1, Chapter 1 begins?

The chapter begins with six-year-old, teary-eyed Jamie Bawn leaving a seaside English town on a train. Jamie is returning with his parents to their native home of Scotland, a place his rebellious father Robert stormed away from years ago in one of his drunken furies.

2. Why is Jamie so sad to be leaving Mrs. Drake?

He is sad to leave old Mrs. Drake, a neighbor who reads good books to him in return for his help doing odd chores.

3. What has Mrs. Drake given Jamie before he leaves on his trip?

Mrs. Drake has enclosed a new book for Jamie, along with several titles listed on a sheet of paper. She has gently explained to him that the kind people at the library in his new town would help him find the titles to continue his adventures in learning.

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