Our Fathers Character Descriptions

Andrew O'Hagan
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Jamie Bawn

He is a handsome, thirty-five-year-old man living in Liverpool, England, who has returned to his native home of Scotland to visit his dying grandfather. He faces a variety of emotions upon his return. Years of living with his drunken father as a child, and a mother who wouldn't stand up to her husband, have left a knot in his stomach and memories he would rather forget.

Although the years he spent with his Granda Hugh and Gran Margie Bawn were peaceful and stable, ten years have passed since he's been home, and there is even more to deal with beyond Hugh's impending death. Always the peacekeeper, his character is sometimes meek and feels swallowed up in his surroundings. The author warms the reader to him with tales of him as a child and his gentle manner with his grandparents.

Hugh Bawn

Jamie's grandfather is a popular...

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