Our Fathers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Andrew O'Hagan
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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Six-year-old Jamie Bawn is leaving a seaside English town on a train with his parents.

• Jamie and his parents are returning to their native home of Scotland, a place where his rebellious father, Robert, stormed away from years ago in a drunken fury.

• Jamie is especially sad to leave their neighbor, Mrs. Drake, who read to him from good books in return for his help with odd chores.

• Jamie is excited to be reunited with his Granda Hugh and Gran Margie whose home is close to the one Jamie and his parents will live in in Scotland.

• Granda and Gran aren't drinkers and they know about interesting things.
• Jamie and his mother endure the physical and verbal abuse of Robert and Jamie's mother promises Jamie they will escape him someday.

• Robert takes a job as a cook at a boys school and exhibits foul and hostile...

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