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Morning Star Café - This is where Joel meets Sam Radclif, who gives him a ride.

Skully's Landing - This is the site of the main activity in the novel.

Noon City - This where Joel first meets some of the people who will become important in his new life after leaving his aunt's home.

R.V. Lacey's Princely Place - This is the only real store in the town outside of Joel's father's home.

John Brown, the mule - This is what pulls Jesus' wagon on trips to town.

Pianola - This is a player piano which plays pre-programmed music.

Drowning Pond - This is where fables of drowned victims coming back to life keep the local residents at bay.

Red Ball - This is used by Edward Sansom as his signal that he needs attention.

The Carnival - This is where Joel and Idabel...

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