Other Voices, Other Rooms Character Descriptions

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Joel Knox - This person moves in with his estranged father after his mother's death.

Randolph - This person is a homosexual who enjoys dressing as a woman.

Miss Amy - This person plays the pianola and manages Skully's Landing.

Edward Sansom - This person is paralyzed and enjoys playing with a red tennis ball.

Idabel Thompkins - This person is a tomboy who has a pair of colored glasses.

Missouri/Zoo Fever - This person cooks for others and was nearly killed by her husband who tried to slit her throat.

Jesus Fever - This person is an extremely old black man who lives at Skully's Landing.

Sam Radclif - This person is a truck driver for the Turpentine Company.

Florabel Thompkins - This person is a very feminine twin.

Sydney Katz - This person is the proprietor of the Morning Star Café in Paradise...

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