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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Young Joel Knox arrives in Noon City and hitches a ride with Sam Radclif, a local truck driver.

• Joel is going to live with his father who he has never met but has written him a letter asking him to come to Skully's Landing.

• Joel had been living with his Aunt Ellen after his mother died from walking home in the freezing rain.

• Joel is excited to move in with his father because his aunt's home is filled with children and he doesn't fit in with them.

• Sam tells Joel that his father is married to a local girl and that his home is very eccentric.

• Sam drops Joel off with Jesus Fever who works at Skully's Landing and takes him on a wagon to his new home.

• Twin girls Idabel and Florabel jump on the wagon and hitch a ride with the men.

• Joel sleeps...

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