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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Montano want to report to Othello for behavior unbecoming of an officer on the first night in Cyprus?

2. Why does Brabantio think Othello has the power of bewitchment?

3. What does Iago tell Cassio is the reason for Othello being at the inn?

4. What is the shortest scene in the book?

5. Who does Cassio hire to cheer himself up after his embarrassment on his first night in Cyrpus?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Othello at the inn when he receives the summons from the Duke?

2. How does Othello kill Desdemona?

3. When we first see Iago speaking with Othello, what does Iago claim to not be?

4. What does Desdemona say when she takes the stand at Othello's trial?

5. How does Brabantio think Othello got Desdemona to marry him?

6. Why does Iago stab and kill Roderigo?

7. What does Iago tell Montano about Cassio on his first night in Cyprus?

8. Why does Othello complain to Desdemona about having watery eyes?

9. What does Othello ask Iago to give him after he overhears Iago and Cassio talking?

10. Why is Roderigo so unhappy about Othello's marriage?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Desdemona sings a song that is echoed by Emilia in her death. What is this song? Why is it so significant? Where are the two women when they sing it, and how does it fit the scenes in which it was involved?

Essay Topic 2

Bianca was a minor character whose presence made a big difference in the plot. How did she accomplish this? What are some ways that her presence, however brief, alters the outcome of the plot? What would have happened differently if Bianca had not been in the book at all?

Essay Topic 3

Othello asks Desdemona a question before he kills her. What is this question and why does Othello feel it was so necessary? What does this reveal about Othello's character?

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