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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Emilia trying to convey to Desdemona as they talk while getting ready for bed?
(a) The fact that Othello may have been unfaithful.
(b) The harsh reality of the world.
(c) The consequences of remaining naive.
(d) The true nature of marriage.

2. What does Othello tell Desdemona to do after the walk after dinner?
(a) Pack her things and leave in the morning.
(b) Go to bed and dismiss Emilia.
(c) Forgive him for his earlier rash behavior.
(d) Wait in the parlor for him to return.

3. Who becomes overwrought when seeing Cassio's wounds?
(a) Bianca.
(b) The Duke's wife.
(c) Desdemona.
(d) Emilia.

4. Why does Iago try so hard to calm Desdemona down after she has been accused by Othello?
(a) He is afraid that would prove her guilt to Othello.
(b) He does not want her to run away.
(c) He knows that he can calm Othello down.
(d) He hates to see her so upset.

5. Who enters the room and is surprised to see Cassio with a handkerchief?
(a) Emilia.
(b) Desdemona.
(c) Bianca.
(d) Othello.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Othello see in the street at night that motivates him to rush to see Desdemona?

2. What does Desdemona ask Cassio to do when she tells him of Othello's off behavior?

3. Why does Cassio exit the room so quickly when Othello enters the room right before his departure?

4. What does Othello NOT do while he is confronting Desdemona about her affair?

5. Following the after-dinner walk, what does Emilia tell Desdemona that she wishes?

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