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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Othello ask Iago for when he decides to punish Desdemona for her affair?
(a) A knife.
(b) A rope.
(c) Poison.
(d) A decree of divorce.

2. What does Othello tell Emilia to do after he has questioned her about Desdemona's affair?
(a) Leave his services immediately.
(b) Keep this conversation a secret.
(c) Deliver a letter.
(d) Bring Desdemona to him.

3. Who asks Iago to deliver something?
(a) The Duke.
(b) Othello.
(c) Montano.
(d) Cassio.

4. What does Othello order Emilia to do before he leaves after questioning Desdemona?
(a) Pack up Desdemona's things so that she can leave.
(b) Stay by Desdemona's side constantly.
(c) Pack up her own things because she has been fired.
(d) Stay by his side to keep him from doing something rash.

5. What is Emilia trying to convey to Desdemona as they talk while getting ready for bed?
(a) The true nature of marriage.
(b) The consequences of remaining naive.
(c) The harsh reality of the world.
(d) The fact that Othello may have been unfaithful.

6. Who is with Iago at the beginning of Act 5?
(a) Montano.
(b) Othello.
(c) Roderigo.
(d) Cassio.

7. What are Iago and Othello discussing at the beginning of Act 4?
(a) The strategies of war.
(b) The lost handkerchief.
(c) Desdemona's infidelity.
(d) Politics of Cyprus and Venice.

8. What song does Desdemona sing while Emilia helps her get ready for bed?
(a) Nightingale.
(b) Birch Forest.
(c) Lovers.
(d) Willow.

9. What does Iago tell Desdemona that Othello is upset about after Othello accuses her of having an affair?
(a) He is a passionate moor and needs no reason.
(b) A friend of his whose wife has cheated.
(c) Affairs of the state.
(d) He is having an affair of his own.

10. What does Iago tell Othello to do when Cassio comes in after Othello has reacted to Iago's lie about Cassio's bragging?
(a) Hide and listen to their conversation about infidelity.
(b) Find a weapon to kill him with.
(c) Get Desdemona to admit to her affair with Cassio.
(d) Find a police man to arrest him.

11. Following the after-dinner walk, what does Emilia tell Desdemona that she wishes?
(a) That Desdemona and Othello had never met.
(b) That she had never met Iago.
(c) That Iago and Othello had never met.
(d) That Othello would believe in Desdemona's faithfulness.

12. What does Desdemona call Iago while she is talking with Cassio right before Othello leaves?
(a) A faithful servant.
(b) An honest fellow.
(c) A pompous fool.
(d) A snake in the grass.

13. What does Othello do to get Desdemona to use her handkerchief while she is waiting for Cassio?
(a) Sneeze.
(b) Cough a great deal.
(c) Pretend to have watery eyes.
(d) Ask kindly for it.

14. What is so surprising to Desdemona about Othello's behavior when he is asking about her handkerchief?
(a) He has never acted like this before.
(b) He did not kiss her goodbye.
(c) He seems worried and distracted.
(d) He usually only acts this way when he is sick.

15. What does Othello do for Iago before he goes to dinner with the Islanders?
(a) Order him to leave.
(b) Tell him to drop the subject of infidelity.
(c) Thank him for his service.
(d) Promote him to lieutenant.

Short Answer Questions

1. In her conversation with Cassio right before Othello leaves, what does Desdemona say she will make Othello's every moment about?

2. What is Iago's reasoning behind the statement he makes about what happens to every married man?

3. After the night of the brawl, where is Othello leaving to?

4. What does Emilia tell Othello when he asks her about Desdemona's affair?

5. What does Desdemona do after receiving her orders from Othello, following the after-dinner walk?

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