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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes into the room holding Desdemona's handkerchief while Iago and Cassio are talking in Othello's house?
(a) Bianca.
(b) Emilia.
(c) The Duke's wife.
(d) Desdemona.

2. What does Desdemona tell Othello she was doing right before he came in the room so suddenly?
(a) She was visiting with Cassio.
(b) She was talking with Emilia.
(c) She was speaking with no one, only waiting for Othello.
(d) She was thinking of how much she is going to miss Othello.

3. What is so surprising to Desdemona about Othello's behavior when he is asking about her handkerchief?
(a) He has never acted like this before.
(b) He seems worried and distracted.
(c) He did not kiss her goodbye.
(d) He usually only acts this way when he is sick.

4. What does Othello do for Iago before he goes to dinner with the Islanders?
(a) Order him to leave.
(b) Thank him for his service.
(c) Tell him to drop the subject of infidelity.
(d) Promote him to lieutenant.

5. What does Iago tell Othello to do when Othello decides to punish his wife for her affair?
(a) Divorce her and take her dowry.
(b) Poison her.
(c) Strangle her in their bed.
(d) Publicly disgrace her.

6. Why does Cassio exit the room so quickly when Othello enters the room right before his departure?
(a) He is nervous to be around Othello who is so angry with him.
(b) He is supposed to be at the courthouse.
(c) Iago enters with Othello, and Cassio distrusts Iago.
(d) He was just discussing an affair with his wife.

7. Who wounds Cassio towards the end of the play?
(a) Roderigo.
(b) Othello.
(c) Iago.
(d) Montano.

8. What did Cassio do for Othello while Othello and Desdemona were still courting?
(a) Deliver messages of love back and forth between the two.
(b) Stand guard while they secretly visited.
(c) Keet their relationship a secret from the public.
(d) Drive Desdemona to Othello's house so they could visit.

9. What does Desdemona do to try and prove her love to Othello after he has accused her of an affair?
(a) Wear a chastity belt with a single key given to Othello.
(b) Swear an oath to never be unfaithful again.
(c) Put their wedding sheets on the bed.
(d) Write a letter.

10. Who does Iago try to frame for Cassio's wounds?
(a) Montano.
(b) Roderigo.
(c) Bianca.
(d) Othello.

11. What does Emilia tell Othello when he asks her about Desdemona's affair?
(a) That she has never seen Cassio and Desdemona together alone.
(b) That Desdemona thinks that Othello is having an affair.
(c) That she fears Desdemona is being unfaithful.
(d) That she has been pure and innocent.

12. What does Othello NOT do while he is confronting Desdemona about her affair?
(a) Listen to her response.
(b) Yell.
(c) Threaten her.
(d) Present evidence.

13. Following the after-dinner walk, what does Emilia tell Desdemona that she wishes?
(a) That Desdemona and Othello had never met.
(b) That she had never met Iago.
(c) That Othello would believe in Desdemona's faithfulness.
(d) That Iago and Othello had never met.

14. What is Iago asked to deliver in Act 3, Scene 2?
(a) A letter.
(b) Some papers.
(c) Orders for Cassio.
(d) A package.

15. What is Iago preparing to do at the beginning of Act 5?
(a) Frame Othello in Desdemona's murder.
(b) Ambush Cassio.
(c) Arrest Roderigo.
(d) Tell another lie to Othello.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Othello ask Iago to watch for while Othello is away on his errand?

2. What does Iago tell Othello to do when Cassio comes in after Othello has reacted to Iago's lie about Cassio's bragging?

3. What does Othello order Emilia to do before he leaves after questioning Desdemona?

4. What does Iago do when he sees Cassio exit so quickly when he and Othello enter the room?

5. What drops to the ground as Othello and Desdemona head to dinner with the islanders?

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