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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Iago swear to do to Othello and Desdemona's 'fine tuned' love?
(a) Fill their lives with dischord.
(b) Make them both sing solos.
(c) Increase the harmony.
(d) Put it to rest.

2. What does Iago mock about his wife after Cassio greets her in the court of the Duke of Cyprus?
(a) Her weight.
(b) Her lack of stylish clothing.
(c) Her stupidity.
(d) Her constant talking.

3. What is Roderigo's first step toward revenge against Othello when he hears of their marriage?
(a) He tells Brabantio.
(b) He tells a policeman to arrest Othello.
(c) He plots with Iago to frame Othello for infidelity.
(d) He pays a man to kill Othello.

4. What is the name of Iago's wife?
(a) Emily.
(b) Emma.
(c) Emilia.
(d) Emeline.

5. What does Cassio call himself after he has been punished for his brawl in the street of Cyprus?
(a) No more than a man.
(b) A beggar.
(c) A beast.
(d) A fool.

6. Where is Iago from?
(a) Paris.
(b) Florence.
(c) Verona.
(d) Venice.

7. How does Othello act while Brabantio is accusing him of such horrible things at the inn?
(a) He is scared and tries to run.
(b) He is not at all surprised and acts as if he were expecting this.
(c) He is patient and understanding.
(d) He is angry and offended.

8. How does Othello really feel about Cassio, even after his brawl in the street?
(a) He is embarassed by Cassio and never wants to see him again.
(b) He is ashamed of Cassio but thinks he has learned his lesson.
(c) He is jealous of Cassio and his easy way with women.
(d) He loves Cassio and wants him back in his service.

9. What do Cassio and Iago discuss while they are on watch together their first night in Cyprus?
(a) How lovely Desdemona is.
(b) How sweet the marriage between Othello and Desdemona is.
(c) How much they hate Othello.
(d) How much they admire Othello.

10. Who is Cassio most worried about when he comes ashore in Cyprus?
(a) Iago.
(b) Roderigo.
(c) Desdemona.
(d) Othello.

11. What is so different about Desdemona and Othello's relationship?
(a) Desdemona is much older then Othello.
(b) Desdemona has alread been married twice.
(c) Othello has been promised to another woman for years.
(d) Othello is a black man and Desdemona is a white woman.

12. What does Iago tell Cassio is the reason for Othello being at the inn?
(a) Othello is getting ready to travel.
(b) Othello wanted a drink with friends.
(c) Othello is running from the law.
(d) Othellos is married.

13. Who has declared the big event for Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) The Duke of Cyprus.
(b) Othello.
(c) Iago.
(d) The Duke of Venice.

14. Where does Iago tell the search party for Desdemona to meet him after they hear news of her elopement?
(a) Othello's house.
(b) The inn.
(c) The town square.
(d) Brabantio's house.

15. How does Cassio greet Iago's wife when they enter the Duke of Cyprus's court?
(a) He embraces her.
(b) He bows to her.
(c) He ignores her.
(d) He kisses her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who pretends to help Cassio after his embarrassing street brawl the night before?

2. Who does Othello compare Cassio to when he sees Cassio fighting?

3. How does Cassio describe Desdemona to the Duke of Cyprus?

4. How does Igao comfort Roderigo after the trial is over and the marriage is declared legitimate?

5. What is the literary function of the Clown in this play?

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