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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sent the messengers who summon Othello while he is talking to Iago if his love for Desdemona?
(a) Brabantio.
(b) General Stringham.
(c) The Duke.
(d) Desdemona.

2. What does Brabantio find that convinces him his daughter really has escaped to get married?
(a) A marriage license.
(b) A receipt for a carriage.
(c) Her empty bed.
(d) A note.

3. What is so different about Desdemona and Othello's relationship?
(a) Othello is a black man and Desdemona is a white woman.
(b) Desdemona is much older then Othello.
(c) Othello has been promised to another woman for years.
(d) Desdemona has alread been married twice.

4. What is Roderigo's first step toward revenge against Othello when he hears of their marriage?
(a) He tells a policeman to arrest Othello.
(b) He plots with Iago to frame Othello for infidelity.
(c) He pays a man to kill Othello.
(d) He tells Brabantio.

5. To what genre is this play categorized?
(a) A drama.
(b) A romance.
(c) A comedy.
(d) A tragedy.

6. While speaking with Iago in Act 1, Scene 2, what does Othello say he would never give up for Desdemona?
(a) His military status.
(b) His social reputation.
(c) Nothing.
(d) His virtue.

7. How did Desdemona first meet Othello?
(a) He saw her and admired her beauty, so he appraoched her on the street.
(b) He saved her from bandits on the road.
(c) Her father invited him over for dinner to tell his tales of war.
(d) She met him at the market place.

8. How does Igao comfort Roderigo after the trial is over and the marriage is declared legitimate?
(a) Lists all of Desdemona's faults.
(b) Assures Roderigo that the couple will tire of each other soon.
(c) Points out that Desdemona has a beautiful sister.
(d) Encourages him to find a new love.

9. What does the Duke order Othello to do before hearing what Brabantio has to say?
(a) Take an oath of honesty.
(b) Await his trial time in the jail.
(c) Depart to spy on the Turks.
(d) Leave to fight the Ottomans.

10. Who does Othello compare Cassio to when he sees Cassio fighting?
(a) The Moors.
(b) The Turks.
(c) The Heathens.
(d) The Devil.

11. How does Othello act while Brabantio is accusing him of such horrible things at the inn?
(a) He is not at all surprised and acts as if he were expecting this.
(b) He is patient and understanding.
(c) He is angry and offended.
(d) He is scared and tries to run.

12. What is the Duke discussing when he is first seen in the play?
(a) His wife's sickness.
(b) The Tukish fleet and their destination.
(c) Othello's marriage.
(d) Brabantio's accusation of Othello.

13. Where is Iago from?
(a) Florence.
(b) Venice.
(c) Verona.
(d) Paris.

14. Who is awakened by the noise that Roderigo causes during the brawl in the street?
(a) Emilia.
(b) The Duke.
(c) Desdemona.
(d) The Duke's wife.

15. Where does Othello go after his discussion with Brabantio at the inn?
(a) The Duke's house.
(b) He catches a ship heading to Cyprus.
(c) His own house.
(d) Brabantio's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the literary function of the Clown in this play?

2. How does Iago plan to ruin Othello's marriage?

3. What does Brabantio do when he hears that Desdemona really does love Othello?

4. What destroyed the Turkish ships that were heading towards Cyprus?

5. How does Desdemona feel about Iago's description of the perfect woman?

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