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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Iago plan to do to get revenge on Othello?
(a) Get him run out of town because of his race.
(b) Pretend to be his servant to get information.
(c) Spread rumors about Cassio.
(d) Sleep with Desdemona.

2. On what account does Brabantio want to arrest Othello?
(a) Taking Desdemona's virtue.
(b) Stealing precious jewels from Desdemona.
(c) Kidnapping Desdemona against her will.
(d) Bewitching Desdemona.

3. What is the Duke discussing when he is first seen in the play?
(a) The Tukish fleet and their destination.
(b) His wife's sickness.
(c) Brabantio's accusation of Othello.
(d) Othello's marriage.

4. What does Roderigo want to do after the trial is over and the marriage was declared legitimate?
(a) Kill Othello.
(b) Kill Iago.
(c) Kill Desdeona.
(d) Kill himself.

5. What is the name of the Duke of Cyprus?
(a) Montano.
(b) Montana.
(c) Miltana.
(d) Milano.

6. Who is Cassio most worried about when he comes ashore in Cyprus?
(a) Roderigo.
(b) Iago.
(c) Othello.
(d) Desdemona.

7. Who does Cassio beg to talk with after his hired group has been sent away the morning after his street brawl?
(a) Othello.
(b) Desdemona.
(c) The Duke.
(d) Iago.

8. What is announced in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) A wedding.
(b) An invasion.
(c) A mass feast.
(d) A trial.

9. Where does Othello go after his discussion with Brabantio at the inn?
(a) He catches a ship heading to Cyprus.
(b) Brabantio's house.
(c) The Duke's house.
(d) His own house.

10. What does Iago think of a woman's opinion?
(a) It is nothing important and has no merit.
(b) It is highly important and should be listened to.
(c) It is usually the echo of her husband or father's opinion.
(d) It is just noise.

11. Where does Iago tell the search party for Desdemona to meet him after they hear news of her elopement?
(a) Brabantio's house.
(b) The town square.
(c) Othello's house.
(d) The inn.

12. Who does Othello put in charge of restoring order after Cassio's brawl in the street of Cyprus?
(a) The Duke.
(b) Iago.
(c) Cassio.
(d) Roderigo.

13. What does Othello do to punish Cassio for his fighting?
(a) Has him arrested.
(b) Strips him of his title.
(c) Chides him publicly.
(d) Beats him publicly.

14. How does Iago plan to ruin Othello's marriage?
(a) Make Othello cheat on Desdemona.
(b) Frame Othello for a murder.
(c) Make Othello think that Desdemona is unfaithful.
(d) Woo Desdemona himself.

15. What does Brabantio do when he hears that Desdemona really does love Othello?
(a) He disowns her.
(b) He embraces his new son.
(c) He slaps her and spits on her in public.
(d) He attacks Othello.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Iago swear to do to Othello and Desdemona's 'fine tuned' love?

2. What does the Duke of Cyprus praise about Othello before he comes ashore in Cyprus?

3. How is Brabantio related to Desdemona?

4. What drives the plot of this play?

5. What is Roderigo's first step toward revenge against Othello when he hears of their marriage?

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